SpinOne is a digital SaaS backup platform that delivers the latest security solutions for data protection. This is a cloud-based solution with numerous industry awards, which helps with the automatic monitoring and troubleshooting of SaaS applications.

What Is SpinOne and What to Use It for

SpinOne is a modern technology designed to provide backup features for business SaaS, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, etc. This software is used for protection against ransomware attacks, SaaS backup, cloud data loss prevention, eliminating human error, and more.

Backup & Recovery

With SpinOne, businesses can store data safely as automatic backups are run three times a day. Any stored and restored data can be retrieved on local devices easily. To prevent data loss, it is possible to retrieve up to one hundred versions of backed-up info. This prevention technology can protect backups from ransomware among other cyber threats.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks usually cause numerous issues and result in lengthy downtime and financial losses. SpinOne offers effective ransomware protection, round-the-clock monitoring, AI-based technologies for detecting potential threats, isolation of damaged files and prevention of additional encryption as soon as a ransomware attack happens, and more. Alerts are delivered in real-time as the software starts acting immediately.

Apps Security

SaaS application security services allow assessing risks and protecting more than 100 thousand Google applications. High security is ensured by constant monitoring of every app and efficient access management. With the help of compliance features, it is possible to allow access only for specific trusted applications. Visibility tools are offered for monitoring the security history of the apps and all programs accessed by employees.

DLP (Data Leak Prevention)

Cloud DLP solutions delivered by SpinOne allow protecting your crucial business data at all times. All information stored on shared platforms is fully visible, and it is possible to change access settings to protect it from leaking. In the event of any unusual activity, such as unauthorized signups, downloading and redistributing of data, etc., notifications are sent to take timely actions for data protection and restoration.

How to Use SpinOne Backup Solutions for Business

SaaS data protection services offered by SpinOne are incredibly convenient for businesses because of their cloud solutions and constant maintenance. Companies using Google Workspace, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, or other software can benefit from this protection service that works automatically and allows focusing on your business.

Google Workspace (G Suite)

Enhance your Google Workspace data security with automated AI services and eliminate any security gaps. Thanks to the 24/7 monitoring of data, any ransomware attack can be stopped swiftly within a few minutes. Up to two hours are required to recover all affected data. Domain audit services allow monitoring various activities, such as app installation and data transferring in your system.

Microsoft (Office) 365

SpinOne is a single multifunctional software solution for data protection within your corporate Microsoft Office environment. Data recovery can be done faster and more efficiently thanks to the specific recovery of needed information and a convenient searching system. Compliance solutions allow creating storage locations in various regions for convenient management and access. All data circulating in your Microsoft Office system undergoes automatic backup three times every day. Even in the case of hacker attacks, ransomware backup protection ensures that all documentation can be isolated and retrieved securely.


When using Salesforce, effective data protection solutions are essential. With the help of powerful encryption protocols, data anonymization is available. Thanks to incorporating Salesforce APIs, SpinOne is able to enhance its performance and deliver quick solutions. A selection of regional data storage is available to satisfy the requirements of any business worldwide.

Pros and Cons of SpinOne SaaS Backup Platform

SpinOne solutions specialize in the cyber protection of data, and they are suitable for a variety of cloud-based platforms. Here are some of the main benefits and certain drawbacks of backup solutions for business.


  • Affordable pricing allows choosing accessible solutions based on corporate needs.
  • The convenience of data protection and other services allows focusing on your business while this software continues to work in the background.
  • Migrating between different accounts in Google services and on other platforms is considerably faster with SpinOne.
  • Powerful ransomware protection is highly efficient, which allows locating any malware quickly and isolating valuable data before receiving much damage.
  • A user-friendly interface allows utilizing features efficiently and adding other users without issues.


  • A stable Internet connection is required when large files are backed up.


SaaS cloud backup for business delivered by the SpinOne software is a licensed solution for businesses that utilize online services, such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc. Modern technology continues to evolve, and malicious software can be very damaging for companies. Powerful data protection, backup services, and recovery ensure that your corporate files are stored online safely and can be retrieved swiftly when needed. Agentless solutions that do not need to be installed are available. A convenient interface allows managing users and their access to stored data so employees can use required files safely.