The time taken to charge a smartphone seems like the longest  1-2 hours for a phone addict. People simply can not be without their phones in their hands. When you are using a normal charger, the mobile may take forever to charge. 

Many android phone companies have introduced fast chargers that can charge up the mobile in very little time. For instance, some android phones may charge up to 25% in 10 minutes. However, Apple has been consistent in providing the conventional charger, which takes about half an hour to charge 50% of the battery. 

When you are in constant need of your mobile phone and you do not have enough time to sit, you will need quick ways to charge up your smartphone. Here are a few tips that can help you speed up your charging process.

1. Buy A Fast Charger

Invest in a fast charger. Power Delivery (PD) chargers give more power to the battery in lesser time. UGREEN’s USB-C PD charger is specially designed for iPhones, such as iPhone 13. This charger can charge your mobile’s battery within an hour.

The PD chargers have a smart chip inside that protects your mobile from

  • Overheating
  • Overcharging
  • Short-circuiting

Owning a fast charger can not only charge your mobile phone faster but also keep your smartphone’s battery healthy. The PD charger is compact and light in weight, making it easier to carry along while traveling. 

2. Never Use Old Chargers

Ever since mobile companies have stopped providing chargers with the device, people have started to use the chargers from their old devices to save a few bucks. While the initiative from the companies has done well for the environment by reducing e-waste, mobile batteries have started to live a shorter life.

When you use an old charger for your new device, your mobile’s battery starts to suffer. This is mainly because old chargers are not compatible with the new technologies. While an old charger may charge your mobile, the slow charging process gives trickles of juice to your phone’s battery. Resultantly, the charging process slows down and the battery’s life shortens. 

While you are buying a new device, do yourself a favor and buy a new charger as well. This will save you time and money in the future. 

3. Keep The Lightning Port Clean

No matter how absurd this may sound, keeping the lightning port clean is very crucial for your device’s charging time. The lint and dirt gathered around the port may reduce the efficiency of charges being passed into your mobile phone. Consequently, leaving your smartphone plugged into the charger for a very long time.

The cleaning of the lightning port is simple. Take a toothpick and gently pick out any dirt or lint accumulated in the tiny holes. 

This simple trick can surprisingly speed up the charging process. 

 4. Turn Off The Phone While Charging

If you can live without looking at the recent notifications for a while, or you can afford to miss a few calls, turn off your mobile phone while charging. If you do not want to turn it off, at least put it on airplane mode. This simple trick can charge your mobile much faster.

The reason behind this is that when your mobile is active it keeps on searching for wifi and other signals. This activity consumes the battery. If your battery is charging and is being used at the same time, the charging time will be longer. 

Turning off a mobile phone or putting it off on airplane mode shuts down the search for signals, thus your mobile focuses solely on being charged.

5. Keep At Low Temperatures

Surprisingly, your iPhone’s temperature has a lot to do with its battery. It is not a mere theory. Apple accepts the fact itself. Even they advise keeping your devices cool while they are being charged.

You must have noticed your iPhone’s battery dropping bars at a much faster rate during a hot summer day. That is because when the battery heats up, it starts losing its charge.

What you can do is, simply remove your phone’s casing while it is being charged. Secondly, try putting your phone in a room that has a lower temperature.