With the number of smartphone devices growing in numbers data loss has also increased in the same propensity. Smartphone users tend to loose data in one way or the other almost on a daily basis and it goes down to how we can successfully recover the same. App developers came up with Coolmuster Data Recovery to try and help iOS users recover files that may have been lost whether intentionally or unintentionally. With this application, it has become much easier to recover anything. The app can perform iPhone SMS recovery with a 100% efficiency level; recover photos, contacts, videos, music and any other data that might be stored in your iOS device. In a nutshell, Coolmuster Data Recovery is the best software that can help iDevice users solve their data recovery issues.

CoolMuster Data Recovery

For Coolmuster Data Recovery to perform with the much needed efficiency, it is endowed with some astounding features including:

1. Ability to recover data with much ease

Loosing your most valuable data is stressful enough on its own. Therefore, to help digital product users relieve some of this stress the app developers decided to come up with an app that is pretty much easy to use. You can perform the recovery process in a few clicks. The app has the ability of detecting automatically all iTunes backup files on your PC without necessarily having to connect the device. The app can help you recover lost SMS, calendars, notes, music, and photos. After the app has detected the lost files, it intelligently restores them from your iTunes backup files. Coolmuster Data Recovery can work perfectly almost on any iOS device including: iPhone 6/5S/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2/1 and iPod touch 4.

2. With one click, it’s possible to find and back your data

With Coolmuster Data Recovery it is possible to recover deleted photos from iPhone or any other iDevice with a lot of ease; whether you had performed backup or not, the app will sort the situation out. Did you know that you can recover up to 9 types of data directly from any iOS device? Yes, it is possible to do so with this software; whether it is your call history, contacts, note, messages, voice memos, safari, photos and many more.

CDR Itunes

3. Get to preview the lost data before performing the recovery

With the app you do not have to recover everything. The app comes with an in-built preview function that can allow you to preview all the lost files so that you can pick the one you really want to recover. The function provides you with all the information you need on the main interface.

4. Offers you 100% solution

Whether it’s online or offline, Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone/iPad/iPod has the ability of recovering your lost files with the same efficiency level. You can rely on the app to lost data on Windows system. The app guarantees you 100% clean of any spyware, adware and the absence of viruses.