We are aware that running a business is not an easy task, so we recommend software for the management of financial resources, which is a platform that allows us to manage relevant information of those companies that are engaged in the development of products and services.

The material and financial resources management software, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is responsible for managing company data and automating most of the activities that are carried out in the operating process.

Generally, they are integrated by different functions that help to control the production, the purchases, the sales, the management of projects, the control of warehouses and inventory, payrolls, etc.

Now, how is it different from other business management programs? The software resource management for companies is responsible for integrating all these options, with the aim of optimizing the overall activity of the company; while other systems are responsible for operating a small part of the process, such as monthly invoicing.

What are Material and Financial Resources

The material resources are those tangible goods that allow offering the products or services of your company. Among them are raw materials, facilities, machinery and / or land. These are essential for the success or failure of an administrative management. For this reason it is essential to have control of each resource of your company.

The lack of these resources is as damaging to the company as it is to have them in large quantities. Any of the two situations is unfavorable for the economy of your business.

For this reason, the administration of material resources has become so important in Mexico in recent years. The administration of material resources consists of:

Obtain accurately, each of the costs of the company and the quantity and quality required.

Manage the goods and services for each organic unit of the company.

The fundamental objective of the management of material and financial resources is aimed at carrying out the work and enhancing effectiveness in each of the operations.

Characteristics of a custom software for management of material and financial resources

A high-value ERP system, like the one we offer in SENLA, generally manages production, logistics and distribution, as well as inventories, shipments, invoices and even the organization’s accounting.

  • Control of sales, deliveries and payments.
  • Management of your company’s production
  • Inventory management
  • Quality of administration
  • Administration of human resources and,
  • Management of your Material Resources
  • These are fundamental characteristics of our Software for the management of resources, both material and financial.

Why Trust in Our Software?

As a provider of material and financial resources management software, we are confident that we can help you solve any business need from a computer point of view.

After several years in the market, we understood that technology is a useful and essential tool to achieve success, that’s why we specialize in this area.

At SENLA we want you to become a leader in your sector through the use of highly efficient programs. If you think that all your effort will not lead to anything, you definitely have to receive professional advice from our experts. They will give you the necessary solutions to reach as high as you dream.

After a long history, for us there is no doubt that the software for managing material and financial resources is the promise of a secure future for you. Ask us and you will discover how easy it is to be above your competitors. Overcome obstacles and quickly become a point of reference.