If you are one of the many sports enthusiasts out there who are active in social media, having more followers will not just improve your social media presence, but it can also help you spread your influence among others who adore the type of sports you prefer. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to maintain social interaction and fan interest, especially if you are just getting with your social media. Generally, social media in sports is not different from other niches, like fashion or travel. If you know how to use and make the most of social media by posting some of the Craziest Things Sports Fans Have Done, it’s much easier for you to grab people’s attention and make them your followers.

For better results, make sure to keep the following social media tips in mind:

Don’t Forget To Include Sense Of Humor In Your Content

Most sports enthusiasts take sports seriously, but that does not mean that you should only post serious things. Take advantage of the opportunities to add a bit of fun to your content. 

Oftentimes, the unexpected inside jokes can make your content popular. Just make sure that it’s not cruel nor offensive to improve social engagement.

Share Visual Content

Visual content is popular on social media. Sharing photos or videos that feature the best moments from your favorite game or pranks during trips or training is a good start. However, you can also level up your content by sharing memes, cartoons, and GIFs.

You can also add fun cartoons that add a personality to your content can make a difference. To add more engagement, ask your followers to reply with memes or share memes of your favorite teams. You can also consider asking them to caption photos and turn them into a contest where winners can get any sport-related items.

Embrace New Technologies

Virtual reality and augmented reality could be young, but they’re making great strides, most particularly in social media marketing. Some sports enthusiasts start using such technologies to connect with their audience or followers. Such new technologies can help you share stories innovatively, enabling you to set apart from other sports enthusiasts.

Always Aim For Quality Content

Creating effective and quality content is easier said than done. Always aim for value quality over quantity. While you do not like your social media to be a desert, posting irrelevant content just because you want to post something can drive away your followers. Remember, as a sports enthusiast, your followers also need something that would level up their adventurous spirit. So, if you have time, invest your efforts to create quality content.

When creating content, don’t forget to ask your followers about the different posts they want to see. It is also a good idea to check out some social media accounts that are devoted to your preferred sport for you to know the current trending and what’s popular.

Always Include A CTA Or Call-To-Action

No matter what kind of content you share, all of your posts must always end with a CTA (call-to-action). Asking them to like, comment, or reshare your posts is a good way to improve your social media engagement rate. You must use this kind of CTA when you share a post or a curated post that shares behind-the-scenes contents.

If you are sharing promotional content, like announcing new games, your CTA must focus on getting followers to click-through to your site. You can then include sharing buttons on the pages that prompt them to share on social media after reading your posts to begin the cycle again.

Use Keywords

While most of you would associate keywords with blogging and SEO, adding keywords on your content can help you boost your social media exposure. You can add keywords in your bio, description, or name of your social media account. Your keywords must also include your sport, location, phrases, and words related to your sport. If you don’t know what keywords to use, take advantage of using tools for better keyword suggestions.

Post Consistently

The more frequent you post, the more followers and likes you get. Social media accounts that are posted regularly gain more followers and get more likes faster than those that post less. You can double your followers by moving from less than 1 post every week to 1-6 posts weekly. Just make sure to post consistently.

Consistency is a key element to get all your posts appearing or seen at the top of the timeline. If all of your posts are shared regularly and picking up good engagement, the algorithm of social media can place your posts near the top of the feeds of your followers.


It’s not easy to gain more followers, but with those above tips, getting new followers who can be your loyal fans is not impossible. Just make sure to implement those tips properly to get the best results in growing your online following and boost your social media presence.