With the tremendous growth in the popularity of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok in the last decade, we are here with another popular and growing social media app that is BIGO Live. This is just a perfect application for people that are looking for an easy and effective way through which they can create video content and share it with their respective followers.

What is BIGO Live?

BIGO Live is a video streaming platform that is available in more than 150 countries as users can easily download the application from Play Store or through the App Store for free making is available on both Android and iOS devices. Keeping in the mind the requirement of different users, depending on the specification of your device you can also download the high-end or low-end version of the application for a smooth experience. 

All the users also get the latest updates from the application so that they never miss out on anything and always have the very best experience on this amazing app. BIGO Live is also equipped with the latest technology and advanced features making the interface really easy while delivering the best possible video experience to its users. However, for BIGO Live the age restriction is 18 years making it really important for parents to monitor the activities of their child if they using this application and are below the age of 18 years. 

Different Content That You Find On BIGO Live

There are countless possibilities when it comes to using the BIGO Live application. As users download and start using BIGO Live they get to choose from a wide variety of content that they would like to see. Here are some of the most popular categories of content that you will find on BIGO Live. 

1. Online Gaming

With the rising popularity of gaming globally, professional players and gaming companies are constantly using BIGO Live in order to share their content and showcase their new products and games. BIGO Live is now included in every effective marketing strategy because of its rising popularity and massive audience.

2. ShowBiz

On the other side, BIGO Live is also quite popular among people that are using this application just for entertainment purposes. BIGO Live offers them a wide variety of content right from cooking videos to music videos. Additionally, users can also stream their content and share it with their followers quite easily. 

3. Educational Content

Although this is a fairly new category, users can easily find tons of educational content on BIGO Live. This is why educational influencers are also showing their interest in BIGO Live as they are constantly developing content that is perfect for the platform and is more relevant for the users that use BIGO Live application. 

In-App Purchases In BIGO Live

BIGO Live is completely free to use and users is also available for both Android and iOS platforms for free. BIGO Live users can enjoy this app which is complete Ad-free as they get a seamless and interruption-free experience while using the application. Additionally, users also get daily bonuses and rewards which can be used for different in-app activities. 

Although, users do have the option of buying diamonds that they can use to upgrade to the premium version or they can share it with their favorite broadcaster or channel. As these diamonds are shared, users have the option of getting cash in exchange for the diamonds or to upgrade their BIGO Live accounts.

Social Interactions Through BIGO Live

Being a social media platform through which people can easily interact with each other and share their content, BIGO Live is a perfect way through which content creators and fans can interact with each other. 

Users have the option of making video chat groups in which they can easily interact with each other. Along with that, there is the option of adding special filters and stickers to your videos in order to make them more engaging and fun. BIGO Live also allows fans to connect with their favorite channel in their live stream, although, they have complete right to allow or reject the guest live requests.

Parting Words

Lastly, BIGO Live is a perfect application for content creators, businesses, and general users with a ton of interesting and fun content. With BIGO Live available in more than 150 countries everyone out there can easily enjoy this fun application and interact with other people in a more meaningful and fun way.