Social Media Marketing is future and it is growing a lot, as a place for the brands to find new followers and potential customers. Every year, there are trends why Social Media Marketing is future and, this is the reason why companies ae trying to utilise Social Media. You can also look at Famoid for their services on social media marketing.

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Videos are the best way of promoting content on Social Media

Proceeding with the earlier years’ pattern, recordings are as yet the rulers of marketing and advertising on social media. Consequently, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Vine will put for the current year in delivering varying media substance to build commitment and include new adherents. Here is the reason:

  • 80% of worldwide Internet movement will be created by recordings in 2020.
  • 90% of the substance shared by users on interpersonal organizations will be comprised of recordings.
  • 87% of advertisers will utilize recordings in their campaigns on social media.
  • 95% of the messages this year will be varying media content.

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Use of Short Videos are increasing

Stories on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp Status are progressively famous in Social Networks. These substances emerge for being fleeting: they vanish following 24 hours from its production (except if the client chooses something else), and is portrayed by being casual and indicating regular scenes. In 2018, these kind of videos will build its prevalence because of:

  • Its vividness.
  • The dread produced by users to “be out” of what occurs right now.
  • Its high capacity to make commitment.
  • Its nature of being versatile inviting.
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Going live will help you in communications

As you may have seen, it is progressively normal to see live recordings on Social Networks. Since Snapchat propelled that usefulness in 2014, the pattern developed to achieve Facebook (2015), Twitter (2015), Tumblr (2016) and YouTube (2016). Consequently, showcasing patterns identified with live gushing demonstrate that:

  • By 2021 live video transmissions will turn into an industry of in excess of 70 billion dollars.
  • 80% of users want to observe live recordings of a brand before perusing posts.
  • Facebook live recordings will be multiple times seen more than typical recordings.

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Use of Chat Bots are also increasing

Chat Bots are another and powerful approach to keep in contact with your group of followers on social media. In particular, it is about the likelihood of consequently visiting with your users and supporters through Artificial Intelligence in Social Networks, to tackle questions, share offers and even make deals. Every month there will be in excess of 12 thousand dynamic Chat Bots in Facebook Messenger.

  • 30% of our discussions through talk will be with Chat Bots.
  • 80% of Chat Bots can be utilized effectively to give client benefit 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days.
  • Figure out how to make your own Chat Bot on Facebook with this well ordered instructional exercise on our blog.

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Virtual Reality is on the rise

Enlarged reality blends advanced data with “reality” through portable applications that cover data in our everyday. From diversions like Pokémon Go to Snapchat channels, this promoting pattern will develop discernibly in 2018. In 2013, the dispatch of Google Glass denoted a defining moment for virtual reality. In June 2016 Snapchat is displayed as the main application that works with this innovation. In July 2016 Pokémon Go shows up, the principal expanded reality diversion dependent on the particular area of every client. In April 2017 Facebook presents impacts for the camera grew particularly for increased reality equipment. In December 2017 Snapchat dispatches another enlarged reality stage.

virtual reality

Micro Influencers are used to promote on Social Media

The influencer showcasing is presumably a standout amongst the best approaches to affect the utilization propensities for your gathering of people and contact them with your business messages. Hence, this is one of the showcasing patterns of 2018 that will become the most throughout the following couple of years.

  • 94% of advertisers who turned to influencer promoting think of it as a successful methodology.
  • 49% of Twitter and Instagram users trust proposals from influencers.
  • The influencer promoting is the advanced methodology that becomes quicker contrasted with the others, taking 22% of the investigated aggregate.


Social Media Marketing is targeted at Teenagers

Age Z is comprised of individuals who were conceived somewhere in the range of 1995 and 2012. It is a to a great degree advanced human aggregate, which establishes a section in itself. Consequently, in 2018 its significance will keep on developing for computerized advertising.

  • 31% of special endeavours on YouTube go to Generation Z.
  • On Instagram, they speak to 24%.
  • On Snapchat, 14%.
  • On Facebook, 11%.
  • On Twitter, 5% of advertising endeavours are for this fragment, while on Pinterest, they speak to just 2%.

Brands are building a presence on Social Media

Because of their common sense and the closeness, they give when conveying buyers, texting administrations are increasing increasingly put in the field of advanced advertising. That is the reason they are incorporated into the showcasing patterns of 2018:

  • Facebook is the visit benefit most utilized by brands in 2018 around the world, and it takes 23% of the aggregate media broke down.
  • WhatsApp is the most utilized texting administration in versatile, with in excess of 1300 million users.
  • In the second place is Facebook Messenger, with 1200 million users.
  • In the third place stands WeChat, with 889 million users.
  • The fourth place is for QQ, with 868 million users.
  • The fifth place compares to Snapchat, with 255 million users.

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Mobile Phone use is on the rise for Social Media

At last, the utilization of cell phones is on the rise all through the world, and the entrance of this innovation appears to have no closure. Consequently, advertisers must consider this way to contact individuals since little by little it is turning into the best as far as reach.

  • In 2018 the world’s Smartphone users total a sum of 2480 million.
  • It is normal that by 2019 the quantity of users will ascend to 2,659 million.
  • Individuals invest 68% more energy in the Facebook versatile application than on the work area rendition.


I hope this article will help you in understanding these trends and realising, the importance of Social Media Marketing is future. We have shared all the trends, which are perfectly visible on the forums. You can also look at Famoid for its different Social Media services.