Samsung VS Apple, an iconic rivalry that continues fiercely into 2019. While Apple may have introduced the world to the idea of a smartphone, Samsung ups the ante with every new release, bringing the fight to Apple in the most creative ways imaginable. The release of the Samsung Galaxy s10 plus sees Samsung introduce another suite of features that blows Apple out of the water.

This article is not a Samsung Galaxy s10 plus review, rather an introduction to the phone, and an overview of its unique features. Apple’s latest iPhones are objects of beauty, and they will undoubtedly sell well, they feature stunning cameras and screens and a premium finish that Apple lovers have come to expect, but this is the exact problem with the iPhone 11, it’s predictable, we know what to expect.

The Samsung galaxy s10 plus is a different beast. From the choice of colors available to its ability to transform into a desktop PC, this is not just another flagship smartphone. Let’s look at some of the features that put this release streets ahead of Apple in terms of creativity and ingenuity.

The range of colors

Samsung Galaxy s10 plus

Samsung has always pushed the envelope when it comes to chassis colors for its smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy s10+ continues this tradition with a range of ‘prismatic’ colors. While Apple keeps it subdued with some matte metallic finishes, Samsung has coated the s10 range in nano-laminated film, making each color dynamic and light-catching.

Fast charging

Yes, the iPhone 11 pro offers fast charging, too, but it doesn’t come close to the Samsung Galaxy s10 plus. Out of the box the s10 plus ships with a 20w fast charger, if this isn’t enough speed for you, Samsung offers a 45w fast charger.

Power share

So, the s10 plus charges faster than Apple’s offerings, but it has an even more shocking trick up its sleeve. The s10 plus can charge other devices directly from the phone itself, no wires no cables, just your phone, and a device that is compatible with wireless charging. 

Ultra-steady video recording

Samsung Galaxy s10 plus

The s10 plus packs a ridiculous three lens cameras system that is capable of some staggering results. In the shooting mode menu, you will find a feature called “ultra-steady mode” this is the closest you can get to a software gimbal I have ever witnessed. Say goodbye to shaky footage as the phone’s software stabilizes even the shakiest footage.

Super slow motion

In the shooting mode menu, we find another video feature that leaves Apple’s offerings for dead. The super slow-motion mode on the s10 plus can record video at a perspective-altering 960 frames per second; that’s slow enough to capture a hummingbird’s wings flapping!

DeX mode

At the time of writing, Samsung had begun rolling out updates for the s10 plus that will see it gain DeX functionality. DeX is another Samsung innovation that links your smartphone with your PC or Mac and allows you to use your smartphone as a PC. DeX can boost your productivity by enabling you to use PC peripherals like a larger screen, keyboard, and mouse.

5g speeds

With the 5g network just around the corner, some early adopters have already started enjoying the blistering speeds of this new network. Samsung is offering the s10 and note 10 in 5g variants, something that Apple is not. If you want to experience 5g speeds on a flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy s10 plus is the phone to do it on.

While Apple plays it safe, Samsung continues to innovate and push the envelope. While Apple might possess a larger market share, their kingdom has been split and conquered by the free thinkers at Samsung. If you are looking for a new phone with flair, give the new Samsung galaxy s10 plus a try.