Gone are the days of purchasing a separate sat-nav hardware device to navigate your way around. These days, smartphone apps are designed to provide the same level of navigation whether you’re traveling on foot, bike, or in a car using the phone you already carry around with you everywhere anyway.

The challenge is finding the right navigation app to ensure you never get lost again. Here is a quick look at some of the best navigation apps for iOS and Android phones:

Google Maps

Many sat-nav programs refer to Google for their mapping systems anyway, so why not use the Google Maps app directly and cut out any middle-man lag?


Google Maps is a slick navigation app that provides live traffic updates and plenty of different routing options to get you to your destination safely, including live traffic updates, routing alternatives to avoid tolls where possible, and the ability to search for fuel or food stops on the way to your destination.

Google Maps is available free for Android phones and Apple iOS phones.

Apple Maps

There was a time when Apple Maps struggled through a negative reputation for always being hopelessly inept. In more recent times the iOS app has caught up with many of the features available on Google Maps, offering live traffic updates and an option that allows users to search for fuel or food stops en route to their destination.

Apple Maps is only available to Apple iOS users.


The MapQuest app has been around for several years now, and provides free navigation, GPS, maps, and traffic updates. The app also offers up to three alternative route options to choose from, which is great for avoiding accidents or finding faster ways to bypass construction.



CoPilot offers similar navigational options as most other apps, with the added benefit of downloading maps in advance. You don’t have to worry about getting lost if you’re driving off the beaten track in your Jeep Patriot and lose signal, as the maps will still navigate you back to where you need to be. Other features offered include speed warnings and driving data.

The CoPilot app is free to download for both Android and iOS. However, unlike many other navigation apps, CoPilot will charge a fee if you want live traffic updates.


Originally a separate sat-nav hardware device, TomTom has now released smartphone navigation apps in an effort to keep up with the competition. The app offers plenty of helping features as part of the free app.

There are also some excellent advanced options available too, including live traffic updates, speed warnings, and advanced lane guidance. However, in order to get many of the advanced features, users will need to pay a subscription fee.


The TomTom is available for both Android and iOS, although they’re available under different names under each operating system.

With so many great smartphone navigation apps to choose from, you’ll never get lost again. The challenge is finding the right one that suits your needs best.

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