I have been searching for some apps to stay connected to my son all the time. Luckily I found one and it helped me in the most difficult circumstances I ever had.  My son got kidnapped and this was where I realized the importance of parental controls. If you too want to protect your kids, trying a parental app could be most convenient choice. Let’s have a look at how it helped me.

Smart Parental Controls -A Digital Way to Protect Your Kids

Are They Secure On Their Way to Home?

Being a parent of missing child without knowing they will be back or not is not something any parent would want to go through.

Did You Know?

Department of Justice reported that in U.S alone about 797500 kids were reported missing in 1 year. And this is not something to take for granted. It is becoming a serious matter and you can’t be so sure that your kid can never be one of them.

My Experience With a Parental App

I never imagined that my kid could get in to the trouble on his way back to home. I and my family experienced a terrible incident, when my son got kidnapped. But this was where my decision to use FamilyTime parental control helped me the most. Luckily, he tapped on the Panic button on FamilyTime app and I got his location and this is how we traced him.

Have you ever imagined what you will do in such situation? None of us can afford to take kids’ safety for granted and we all have to make sure that they stay connected with us all the time.


The Panic Alert feature of FamilyTime could help you too. Your kids just have to press the panic button and you will get instant alert along with their current GPS location. So even if they will encounter such situation you can trace them according to the last location from where they sent you the alert. Let’s have a detailed look at what FamilyTime offers:

GPS Tracking Feature

You can:

  • Track their current GPS location
  • Check their entire location history
  • Check their check-ins and check-outs
  • Receive panic alerts

Other Features

  • View Web browsing history
  • Check call logs
  • View installed apps

Easily meet your parental priorities

My decision to choose a parental control app saved my son from a terrible incident. You too must keep an eye on your kids’ whereabouts and enable them to send you instant chats and panic alerts and make sure you will be always there. Protect your kids and track their GPS location to enjoy family time. I have had a good experience with FamilyTime app and I would suggest you to try this economical app and confront your parental woes.