When we hear words like smart and technology together, we instantly think of a very complicated module which will help us perform tasks that require high level of intelligence. In reality, the little human-like things that change the way employers and companies approach strife for a better workplace and increased efficiency.

A smart office is a place which is designed to flesh out full potential of an organization. It is just innovation which is redefined in the simplest manner to cater to your needs. Efficiency, sustainability and maximization of resources are things that are characteristic of a successful organization. Below are ways how a smart office can revolutionize your workplace environment-

Attracting better workforce


To attract and maintain better and more qualified employees is key to a successful entrepreneurial initiative and a fruitful, encouraging workplace. An inspiring smart office helps foster this. Findings have us believe the workplace is frequently overlooked but is a critical lever in supporting brands and culture change. This was validated by recent survey of 123 corporate real estate leaders conducted by CoreNet Global. The results show that 77% believe brand is a critical driver for their business yet only 54% said workplace plays a critical role in supporting it and only 15% said their facilities reflect their brand very well


We can directly save costs if we optimize spaces in our workplaces, because a lot of the space remains unused in an office. Using different interactive apps or heat mappers, we can determine which areas of the office remains unused. Thus we can schedule, reschedule, plan and execute things differently, which can be a lot more cost efficient. Also, don’t forget that we’ll spend most of our time on the desk so it’s a good idea to spend a decent amount time looking for the perfect tables and chairs. Sites like workwhilewalking.com and officechairsonly.com offers some great reviews and can be used to create the ultimate productive environment.

3D Knob - Maximize Efficiency

Cutting edge technological advancements can also revamp the way we craft office spaces. We are going from a table with a computer and a desk, to wireless awesomeness. When profit gained from such small things are added up, the final amount is huge. Moreover, our profitability benefits from increased attraction, productivity and flexibility. Think about how we can communicate with our colleagues over lunch without them being there, know where they are without looking for them, digitally plan and set up conferences, etc. The possibilities are endless and we have the technological fluency to make these ideas come to life. The only barrier is our imagination.


Smart offices aren’t just a ground breaking discovery. It is also something that embodies a more desired reality as well. This is why the idea is pragmatic and makes smart offices all the more sustainable. Here, we can combine long-term profitability with short term ethical conducts, impartial conventions and environmental care, both materialistically and psychologically. We can have apps to find out which employee worked how many hours, which employee tampered with the database, which staff member did something that can be considered as an environmental malpractice and what actions go against the principles of a smart office.


The head of marketing at Aruba Networks, another company trying to revolutionize smart office, said the idea was perpetuated from desires of the employees themselves, as the new generation is constantly churning creative ideas to reverse monotony of a regular office place and simultaneously making work more focused, easier and more effective. All this makes us believe that flabbergasting things pertinent to corporate life waits over the next two decades.