Communicate with people, hear and see better, train motor skills, and calm down in difficult situations – modern Android apps help people with disabilities.

Simple actions such as talking on the phone, climbing stairs, or even determining the expiration date of milk can be difficult for people with limited ability. Nevertheless, some of these problems can be managed successfully with the help of a smartphone.

Here is a selection of mobile applications that make life easier for people with disabilities.

An App That Recognizes Speech


RogerVoice is an app that allows deaf people to talk to their interlocutors on the phone. The app uses speech recognition technology to convert voice to text so that deaf people can read what the other person is saying.

An App That Helps People To Hear


With this app, users with hearing disorders can adjust the sound depending on the situation they are in – in a public place, at a meeting, etc. To do this, headphones are connected to the smartphone, through which sound is transmitted with the appropriate settings to optimize the background or foreground.

The app is developed by Excellent, a Dutch manufacturer of hearing AIDS. This tool s designed for people who can use hearing AIDS but are not yet ready for it.

An App That Helps To Learn Sign Language

Spread Signs

A large library of gestures with over 200,000 characters in many languages. You can learn individual letters as well as whole words and phrases.

Apps That Help You See

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a crowdsourcing application that uses video chat to connect blind people and volunteers who are ready to help them in various household situations, such as checking the shelf life of food or crossing the street.


Developed by a non-profit organization, BigBrowser is aimed at visually impaired people – it makes it easy to increase the browser content and keyboard on the iPad.

Apps That Help You Communicate

Look At Me

Developed by Samsung, Look At Me application helps children with autism to socialize successfully. Through playful interaction, the app teaches children to establish eye contact, recognize emotions, memorize faces and better express their feelings.

An Application That Provides Visual Support

Stepping Stones

Adults and children whose lives can be improved with visual support will benefit from an app called Stepping Stones. These may be people with autism, attention deficit, learning difficulties, or anxiety.

The app, using the user’s photos, allows you to create visual guides or step-by-step “paths” for a daily routine or planned activity. This visual support helps increase the independence of people with disabilities in their daily lives.

Applications That Develop Motor Skills


Dexteria is a series of applications from BinaryLabs, whose main goal is to develop motor skills in children, as well as restore motor functions in people who have suffered a stroke.

A set of hand exercises helps you train strength, control, and dexterity of movement and track your progress. Apps are available for iOS and Android.

An App That Helps Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

MySugr Diabetes Logbook

With the mySugr Diabetes Logbook app, people with first-and second-degree diabetes can keep track of food consumed, medications taken, blood sugar levels, and more.

The app analyzes the data and provides motivating feedback. You can also export the analysis results in a convenient format and show them to your doctor.

An App That Soothes

Miracle Modus

Miracle Modus is a source of hypnotic patterns and soft music that reduce sensory overload and soothe. Created by an autistic developer (and tested by them on themselves), the app can help people with similar perception features relax.