We have heard of slot machine tricks and tips so many times that we no longer know what makes sense and what doesn’t. To some degree, anything related to gambling was also associated with superstition, like having hot machines or an increased odds of winning after the 1,000th spin. But what is the truth? Here we will explore several tricks and determine if it is a myth or a reality.

Trick: Date of Last Jackpot Determines Next Big Payout – Myth

When playing online games like Dunder Slots, people tend to lean towards the belief that the length of time that passed since the last jackpot is an indicator of the next jackpot payout. Many people claim that a jackpot is programmed every so often and are paid after a number of spins. Some say that a machine will pay out a jackpot every millionth spin. This means that the farther you are from the date of the last jackpot, the more likely you are to win it.

This, of course, is a myth. Online slot machines run on an algorithm called a Random Number Generator. As the term implies, the slots shown are randomly selected. Think of it in the same way a lottery operates. Your odds in winning at a lottery – with six correct numbers out of 30 number to choose from – is 1 in 427,518,000. In a lottery, the ball is drawn randomly and put back in the container. Then the next number is drawn.

Similarly, there is no formula that will allow anybody to determine how long it takes for the machine to payout a jackpot. In fact, there was a guy who won a slot machine jackpot twice. He played twice a week. And the period between the two winnings? Twenty-one years.

Trick: The Game Mechanic Improves Your Odds – Truth

Slot machine odds are based on mathematics. But fruit machines have evolved over time. The oldest machines operated on a simple concept: match three symbols horizontally. Today, these games have morphed into many forms. There are slot machines that have five symbols. Some slots also have different payout lines, like a zig-zag. Slots that have simpler concepts improve your odds of winning. Let us see the example below.

Let us say that there are five slots and you need to get a perfect match of apples to get the jackpot. Each slot has five fruits. Your chance of getting an apple in the first slot is one out of five. Same thing with slots number two to five.

The mathematical calculation is 1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 = 1 out of 3125. This is equal to 0.032%. If you do this same calculation with a slot machine that only has three slots, your odds of winning is 0.8%. So you see, the game design improves your winning odds.

Trick: Choose the Right Day to Play – Myth

Some people claim that some days are guaranteed payout days. Examples of these days are weekends and days when there is a convention. This is a myth. Slots today run on computer programs. These computer programs operate within the boundaries of the law. The casinos must comply with these regulations or they will lose their license to operate. If a casino re-programs a machine to pay out more on specific days, then this is tantamount to saying that the machines are rigged and can be rigged. Needless to say, any form of rigging is a violation of the law.

Trick: Choose High Percentage Payouts – Truth

Not all fruit machines payout the same percentages. The typical range is between 80%-98%. Although many casinos do not publish their payout rates, some do. And what you need to do is carefully research these casinos.

The mathematics here is simple. For a machine that has a 80% win rate, it essentially tells you that you may win 80 times for every 100 spins. If you can find machines that payout 98% of the time, then you increase your probability of winning.  Just keep in mind that a slot machine with higher winning percentages also pays smaller amounts.

Trick: Use Hot or Cold Coins – Myth

There are two camps in this theory. And both of them are wrong. Using extremely hot or chilled coins do not affect how a slot machine operates. This trick just doesn’t work. Not for the old analogue machines and not for the modern ones that use computer chips.

A computer machine will hang or freeze if put in extreme temperature. Think of a laptop that has a poor cooling infrastructure. Or freeze it. The laptop will not even operate. The same goes for electronic machines. They will not operate.

The old ones are made of gears and screws and bolts. Their effectiveness is based on how they are lubricated, not on the temperature. You can take it to Antarctica or the Sahara and the slots will still roll the same way. Extreme temperature has no impact on how the slots roll, much less a hot or cold coin.


There are many fruit machine tricks out there. You will hear it from everybody. To decide whether one will really work, use logic. If something is too good to be true, then it must be.