In today’s digital world, there is a myriad of information in the form of text, images, and videos that create a situation of content overloading. People cannot reach the required essential information in the whole abyss. However, infographics have become a vital asset in the world of chaos that appealingly showcases the right information saving the time for the audience to look here and there.

Infographics are the visual representation of content, images, graphics, and other elements that provide information on a particular topic. An infographic is a vital tool that can present your data in an eye-catchy way and leave a lasting impression on your key demographic.

There are many websites like canva or visme offering infographic creation without any designing skills but when it comes to using infographics within presentations, SketchBubble has an added advantage over others. The marketplace has the largest collection of presentation templates which are entirely editable and actually saves a lot of time and efforts.

Here are some tips to deem while creating your infographic.

Vital points to ponder

  • Pick the right infographic

Picking the correct type of infographic is the first step towards developing your masterpiece. Go through the different types and select the one that best caters to your needs.

  • Enhance your storytelling skills

Always remember that elements are like seasoning. Putting extra will overshadow your content. After introducing your topic, highlight the key points and end it on a call to action that grabs your audiences’ attention.

  • Good design goes a long way

While designing your infographic, stick to one or two font styles, highlight the information, facts, and numbers and choose high-quality clip art as required.

There are tons of templates in the market that will help you create appealing and professional infographics. Here is the list of top types that you should have in your armory.

Top types of infographics templates offered by SketchBubble

  • Timeline Infographic

When it comes to relating time with events, timeline infographics will showcase everything in the right way. The infographic is quite beneficial for the companies as they can show their progress from their inceptions and indicate the milestones they have achieved while climbing the ladder of success. Besides this, the infographic can be used to tell the path to success of a particular official of the company while highlighting the steps taken by the personality to take the company to the next level and beyond.

  • Process Infographic

This type of infographics allows the audience to understand a complex process easily. The infographic dissects the whole process and allows you to showcase everything step by step. From marketing plans to product journeys, the infographic can be used everywhere where you want to simplify something for your audience.

  • Statistical Infographic

As everyone is familiar with the famous quote, “Number don’t lie,” presenting the statistics of anything allows you to gain a cutting edge over the competitors in a particular contest or argument. However, presenting your numbers with your information is a crucial factor in persuading the people on your side.

Well, the statistical infographic allows you to present your facts and numbers with your information in an eye-catching way that will sway your audience and tip the scales on your side. The infographics allow you to put your elements in a structured way so that you can draw people’s attention to the vital details. Being extremely engaging, the infographics take your information to the next level and allow you to stand out differently from the whole crowd.

  • Hierarchical Infographic

The hierarchical infographic allows you to organize your information on the basis of priority or hierarchy. With the help of flowcharts, pyramids, and vectors, you can divide your information and data into stages and present them in an elegant way. It allows you to broadcast the idea of a business structure, operational workflow, and several other things where you need to follow a tree approach.

  • Geographic Infographic

As the name suggests, this type of infographics allows you to analyze and present the data with respect to different locations like regions, continents, countries, cities, etc. You can point out specific zones according to your research and study and present them with different areas. You can even amalgamate the timeline infographic with this infographic and chart out the events in different locations. 

  • List Infographic

Long gone are the days when you simply present your data in the regular lists. List infographic is the futuristic way to present your data in an elegant yet professional way with the help of icons, creative fonts, and other elements. The infographic allows you to break the shackles of the traditional PowerPoint slides and move further from a monotonous way to present your data.

With this infographic in your armory, you can grab the attention of your target audience by creating unique slides with your personalized touch.

  • Comparison Infographic

Well, when you need to compare some items with each other, a comparison infographic will cater to all your needs. Besides comparing the features, you can draw out the pros and cons, USP, and other key elements of the list articles. Whether you are just pointing out the similarities and differences or taking the winner out of the whole list, this infographic will structure everything and portray all the elements in a professional way.

  • Resume Infographic

If you want to stand out of the crowd and gain the attention of your employer, a resume infographic is the best way to opt for it. The traditional resume also does the job, but going the extra mile with a resume infographic will definitely tip the scales on your side. All you need to do is create an interactive resume infographic and let it speak for yourself.

Final Verdict

So, here we have listed different types of infographics that will help you in the long run. Also, remember the tips that we have mentioned, as they will help you create informative, professional, and appealing infographics.

If you are looking to gain access to tons of infographic templates, opt for SketchBubble. Besides a robust PowerPoint Infographics, the platform offers a plethora of options to explore.