We do everything else online now! Are you a business owner or an online publisher? If yes, let me ask some questions!

How do you promote your product/service/content?

What is the best way to keep in touch with your clients/visitors?

Which strategy are you using to engage with your audience?

Do you know how to get repeat sales/get return visitors?

How do you let them your business/content updates?

If you’re a dedicated person, you should have one single answer for all of my above questions!

No its not social media. Sure social media works very well but an effective email marketing system is much more powerful than social media. To get the higher lead conversion, increase in sales and enhance your brand awareness, you should have this weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Not only powerful, I would say that the email marketing service is one of the most cost-effective mediums to target your customers and share updates with them.

Now, how to choose the best email marketing service is a million dollar question!

Yes, selecting an exact email service provider can be an overwhelming task as there are tons of questions to ask and features to research.

Whatever email marketing software you choose, it would be good to look for some vital factors like budget, user-friendly design, third-party integration, tracking ability, great deliverability and finest autoresponders.

To nail down the details you need to understand, I came here to discuss the excellent features of a reliable email marketing program, GetResponse.

Let’s talk about the key features of GetResponse now!

GetResponse – An Introduction

GetResponse is the easiest email marketing platform, which was launched in the year 1998 by Simon Grabowski, entrepreneur and internet marketing pioneer. With a group of hardworking talented geeks, it has grown immensely and expanded its service to many countries.


Now, it operates worldwide and offering a wide range of online solutions. This exciting email marketing software supports 19 languages and engages millions of monthly subscribers.

Its main undertaking is to the help the small & medium businesses worldwide by providing an affordable, feature-rich email marketing platform for their profitability.

Why go with GetResponse?

GetResponse is a user-friendly program to manage your email marketing campaign. No matter you are a beginner! After checking the salient features of GetResponse, I’m sure that you’ll decide to go with it!

1. Responsive Email Design

Responsive design has now become the web standard and even Google suggests the webmasters to use the design that fits well on mobile devices. Newsletters of GetResponse look great on all devices and thus you don’t need to do any coding work. Here, all the email templates are responsive and you may see the mobile email preview before sending it.


2. Landing pages

To focus on high conversion and to get better metrics, landing pages are one of the important elements of marketing. In GetResponse, you’ll get hundreds of professional landing page templates with thank you pages for your customers. You just need to spend a few minutes to create and host a stunning landing page through a drag & drop editor and free hosting service.

3. Email Analytics

How could you progress your business growth? By analyzing the behavior of your subscribers, Am I right? GetResponse has an advanced email analytics tool which would let your business move to the next level. You can find out when your subscribers are taking action on your emails and hence you can send messages at the responsive time.


You can also send a tweak message for the subscribers who didn’t open the earlier mail. Not only these metrics, it is more likely to track the no. of sales, social sharing stats and unsubscribe activities in GetResponse.

Performing split tests through A/B testing is really an awesome feature in this email marketing software where you can test, analyze and tweak your messages for maximum performance.

4. Autoresponder

Autoresponder plays a significant role in the email marketing campaign by saving a lot of time in sending the mails according to your needs. GetResponse comes with brilliant autoresponders that boast exceptional features like easy split testing and list segmentation, which will let you track and set behavioral goals for your audience.


5. Deliverability rate

Deliverability rate is the nothing but the number of successfully sent emails to the recipients. You don’t need to worry about GetResponse because it has 99% email deliverability rate.

Other Remarkable Features of GetResponse

  1. List booster – It is an awesome tool to boost your mail list. You can import contacts from mail clients and other services.
  1. Free Images – To create memorable newsletters, you may include stunning images from thousands of iStock pictures.
  1. Mobile app – Managing your email marketing campaign can be done from your smartphone with the GetResponse App (for both Android and iOS users).
  1. Learning Center – For novice users, GetResponse has a helpful learning center to teach the list building strategies and newsletter sending process.
  1. Integrations – GetResponse offers more than 90 integrations like PayPal, Google Analytics, Shopify and social media accounts.
  1. 24 X 7 Live support – You may call or chat with the support team of GetResponse at any time in a day.

Limitations of GetResponse

GetResponse has admirable features, but it has some limitations like

  • No free plan (only a 30 days free trial)
  • No automation capabilities
  • Need to pay extra for dedicated IP address.


Different marketing methods have risen and fallen, but email marketing still survives over the decade as it the best strategy to maintain a good relationship with the business clients/site readers.  You can build your brand and bring back your subscribers with this economical advertising method.

There are plenty of email service providers available but choosing the best one would lead to the long-term success of your business. If you care about the professional look of your email newsletter, its ease of use and great deliverability rate along with incredible autoresponders, you may choose GetResponse without any second thought.

Even though GetResponse has very few limitations, it is a perfect choice for both small and medium business owners. Moreover, its premium plan is cheaper than its opponents. Thus, I recommend using GetResponse, the best email marketing tool to build and send the newsletters for your subscribers.