Content marketing had become a dire need for companies of all sizes. Content is really important for branding a product, generating leads and brand awareness. This has lead to coming up of different products over the web to help the company in producing some extraordinary content. But most of these products are very costly, thus making it impossible for small size companies to make use of these products.

If you wish to maintain a successful website then make sure that your site should have stable amount of doings. One of the simplest tactics to make your site popular is growing its activity and this will take your business to next level. Some tools like email signatures can help you out in increasing your site’s goings-on without any extra attempt. Most of you might not know that you can add signatures to end of your email. These signatures can be designed exceptionally using different tools.

Signr – Best Tool to Add Creative Email Signatures


Signr is basically a web service to create electronic signatures. You can add the URLs, presentation, articles, white paper and much more to email signatures and help your organization in branding process. You only need to register an account on Signr website and then you are just three steps away from adding snippets to email signatures. The Signr Email Signatures contain websites, articles, presentation, and, much more that can be displayed in form of rich snippets. It gives an eye pleasing look to your email and adds trustworthiness to it. Futhermore, Signr’s mail signatures help generating new leads on your piece of content.

Signr is accessible on Google Chrome web store and performs really well for the companies making use of Gmail client. The signature that you have created using preferences in Signr tool is introduced automatically inside your email whenever you send it to client (recipient).


How Signr Works?

Signr is a user friendly tool that comes up with fully fledged functionality to create and add effectual email signatures to the mail. If you are eager to know about working of Signr then here is how it works:

  • Install the plugin: If your organization uses Google Apps and Gmail, the Chrome plugin will work seamlessly with your existing process. Install the plugin and create your account in just a few clicks!
  • Invite your coworkers: by simply entering their email addresses on the website.
  • Create your snippet: copy/paste the URL of the content you want to share and custom the mail signature’s design as you want. Your content is now ready to be pushed in your coworkers signature once activated!
  • Monitor your impact: track your results in real time and understand what type of piece of content works best!

Prominent Features of Signr App

Some of the most prominent features of Signr app have been discussed below. You must have an eye over these features before using it.

  • Snippets: You can easily change the content of the signature by moving to Signr back office and creating snippets by entering the destination URL.


  • Dashboard: The dashboard clearly shows that what piece of content has been loved by the audiences and report you in the best possible manner. It tells about the traffic driven by new channels and signatures. This helps you out in adapting a proper marketing strategy for branding of your product/website.


  • Users Administration: Implementing this tool is really easy and your entire organization can start using this tool in few minutes. Administrator must install Signr Chrome extension and create the company account. Now, the admin can invite his/her colleagues over the email. Each colleague, who receives and accepts the invitation, should install Signr Chrome extension. The employee can easily add URL, presentation, websites etc to the email signature through Signr back office.


Final Say

Signr guarantees its user that their marketing efforts will be appreciated by their company. It creates captivating distribution channel where you need not to compete with entire internet. If you are willing to use Signr email signature tool for free then you should visit its website to download your plugin and start enjoying the benefit of employee’s advocacy.