Apple released the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max last September as iPhone XR, XS and XS Max upgrades, respectively. The newer phones had cameras substantially upgraded, a lightning fast cpu and improved construction quality overall. The iPhone 11, beginning at $699 (£729, AU$1,199), is $50 cheaper than the iPhone XR was when it was first launched, to top it all off. (Too costly yet? Don’t forget the $399 iPhone SE 2020.)

If You’re Looking To Buy iPhone 11 Pro, Or iPhone Pro Max, Check this Article In Detail


It can be hard to find out which one you can choose between the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The three phones are all fitted with the same cpu, key, ultra-wide and selfie cameras, and are compliant with iOS 14. In reality, apart from price, height , weight, battery life and screen resolution, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are similar in nearly every way.

For a premium handset that you can purchase now, the iPhone 11 reflects one of the best prices and has many of the same 11 Pro features. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, has a few primary improvements that make it (so far) the best iPhone ever made. It also starts at $300 higher than the iPhone 11 at $999 (£1,049, AU$1,749)-though it’s actually on sale for just $899.

My Experience

I have been using the iPhone 11 as my regular driver for six months and the 11 Pro as my mobile machine. With the latest ultra-wide – angle camera, I took lots of images and videos and pushed the A13 processor to the limits with games and picture edits.

The iPhone 11 is more than enough for most persons, including me, and taking it one step further, I would probably spend $50 more for the 11 to upgrade the capacity from 64 GB to 128 GB. But the wrinkle is here: scale. The iPhone 11 Pro, which I personally love, is a bit smaller and lighter than the 11, and that might be a good excuse to go Pro. (FYI, however, if you want anything bigger, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is waiting to fill your pocket and empty your bank account with the longest battery life.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

There is an iPhone 11 at the heart of the iPhone 11 Pro. However, it gets the VIP treatment with enhancements such as a high-resolution OLED monitor, a matte-glass finish and a stainless steel side band. It has a third rear camera that takes better zoomed-in images when combined with Apple’s new Deep Fusion image processing.

But perhaps the most welcome change to the 11 Pro is how much longer the battery life is than the iPhone XS of the previous year. The 11 Pro actually lasts about as long on a single charge as the 11. The Design is really very unique and fabulous, you can change its look with a variety of iPhone 11 pro cases

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  • The regular iPhone 11 offers great dual cameras, but the iPhone 11 Pro offers a third camera for optical zoom, giving you more range.
  • Apple’s new Night mode produces amazing results in very low light and even surpasses the Pixel 4 in some cases. 
  • Thanks to its A13 Bionic processor, the iPhone 11 Pro is still the fastest phone you can buy today.
  • At about 10.5 hours of battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro offers good endurance, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts nearly 12 hours on a charge.
  • The fast charger in the box works pretty well, getting you to 55% in 30 minutes.
  • We wish Apple included more storage than just 64GB; you may want to go for a higher capacity.

Apple iPhone Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the biggest and most powerful phone ever produced by Apple, taking the very best of its technologies and merging it with an improved design that includes a revolutionary matte back, three Samsung, Google and Huawei cameras designed to match the greatest, and an enhanced battery for greater durability.

However, as a slightly more strong member of the iPhone 11 series, it’s still one of the most expensive phones on the market.

The design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max would be familiar to everyone, but the matte back looks good in the side, with the same design language as the previous two versions (iPhone X and iPhone XS). The ‘Full’ size would not cater to everyone, but it makes the wide and spectacular 6.5-inch OLED monitor smoother, offering a brilliant cinematic experience, both visually and through the improved stereo speakers.


  • Thanks to its brilliant Night mode and Smart HDR enhancement.
  • If you want the longest iPhone battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the one to use, as our web browsing test lasted nearly 12 hours.
  • With extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilisation, the cameras also capture gorgeous-looking 4 K imagery.
  • Apple’s slow-motion selfies, even if the slofie name is stupid, are fun at 120 fps.
  • Finally, Apple included a good charger in the package, so in 30 minutes, you can get to 50 percent.


With two vastly differing price tags and a range of features setting them apart, each of Apple’s latest releases are geared towards different buyers. Figuring out which camp you find yourself in can be hard, which is why we have giving you a complete rundown of exactly what separates the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro and who should be buying which device. Make sure you have a look above and decide the best for you.