Each year, avid gamers await the arrival of the latest consoles. 2020 has seen the launch of the new PlayStation and Xbox, offering next gen capabilities.

The question is, should you buy a next gen console and are they future proof? Here, we’ll look at whether investing in a next gen console is worthwhile. 

What do the new consoles bring?

Although a new console launch can be exciting, it doesn’t always bring a huge amount of changes. However, both the new Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are advertising themselves as the next generation of gaming. So, what do these new consoles bring that the old ones didn’t?

With the PS5, it is the DualSense controller which stands out. This innovative new controller helps to enhance gameplay immersion. It will rely upon Haptic feedback to relay more accurate and realistic vibrations. 

Backwards compatibility is another feature included in both consoles. However, while the PS5 can only play PS4 games, the new Xbox can play games from all previous generation consoles. 

Both offer similar levels of performance, though the Xbox works out slightly more powerful.

Are they future proof?

When you spend a lot of money on a next gen console, you need to know it’s going to deliver value for years to come. So, are the new consoles from PlayStation and Xbox future proof?

The only way the consoles could offer a future proof design, is if they allow users to easily upgrade the console. That means, replacing the hardware when it’s needed to make the console more powerful. 

At the moment, neither console appears to offer this feature. So, while they will likely last for a few years, gamers will need to update them again in future.

What can you do with old consoles? 

If you do decide to invest in the next gen consoles, you can claim back some of the money spent by selling your old console. You can sell your old console still get a decent amount of profit which could then be put towards paying towards the next gen console.

Overall, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t necessarily future proof, they do deliver a lot more than previous consoles. If you can afford to, it would be worth investing in one of the newer models, however few TVs are actually capable of delivering on the graphics advertised right now. So, if you’re just concerned with graphics, you might want to hold off for now until better TVs are launched onto the market.