In 2021, it’s widely viewed as essential to have a positive digital presence and for your customers to be able to search and find you online. 

While that is certainly true, it doesn’t mean that there are no other useful ways to market your business. Traditional print media may seem to be heading in the same direction as the dinosaurs, but it may still have a role to play.

Here’s a closer look at modern marketing and whether traditional media is still helpful.

Digital Variations

The new wave of online marketing isn’t a complete departure from traditional ways. Instead, in a world where customers demand convenience and ease of use, online marketing ensures that everything is at their fingertips. 

Online flyers are the perfect example of this. The idea of delivering a mailshot where the customer can see the latest offers is still valid, but instead of it arriving through their letterbox, it’s sent electronically. 

There’s no chance of customers misplacing the flyer, and they can check back on it whenever they want. Studies suggest that around 44% of customers will look at a business website after receiving direct mail marketing, so there’s real value in this approach. 

Opting to keep the information online means it’s easy to update and you won’t waste money printing materials that end up unused. Many types of digital marketing adopt traditional techniques and bring them online rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Complementary Marketing

Although there’s a definite move towards digital methods, it doesn’t mean that these can’t be complemented with printed marketing material. The best solution is to have a comprehensive digital strategy which is supplemented with more traditional means. 

Research shows that despite the success of online marketing, printed media can still offer value for money. For example, using printed media means you can target a geographical area more effectively and include a demographic that may not be familiar with online services. Experts from can help you reach your target market by offering a huge selection of fully customizable templates, making the design process fun and simple for you.

And even for those where online ads would be appealing, a printed flyer can act as a point of interest, triggering the customer to visit your website online for further information. 

Feedback suggests that customers still like to flick through direct marketing mail they receive, helping to give your brand greater visibility and placing your products quite literally in their hands. 

Personalisation is Key

Historically, marketing campaigns have been just a blanket mail-out, but modern customers are looking for more. They want to feel valued by the business, addressed as individuals rather than being just a name on a list. 

This is where digital marketing is so effective, especially in areas such as social media, where brands can interact directly with customers. Printed media can still work, but to be effective, the marketing efforts should be targeted and personalised rather than just an anonymous letter that’s easily discarded. 


There are few demographics left who don’t access online information at all, making print the preferred option. However, being smart about printed marketing material means it’s possible to reach the target customer group in different ways, ensuring there’s no chance of anyone missing out. In addition, your business may need customers from all kinds of backgrounds. Therefore, adapt what you’ve done in the past with traditional marketing to mirror your digital campaigns and success is certain to be higher.