BMW are still the leader in the luxury vehicle market, but they aren’t without competition. Together with companies like Lexus, Jaguar, and of course the other two German manufacturers that make up the so-called “big three,” Mercedes-Benz and Audi, they’ve built a reputation on creating high quality vehicles with industry leading features. The Munich-based business, however, continues to enjoy a level both popularity the others can’t match.


Technological Innovations

One of the ways BMW have been able to remain successful is due to their desire to always strive for the latest in technology. The car industry is becoming increasingly entwined with the technology industry. Rather than reject these changes, though, BMW have instead embraced them. With application suites like ConectedDrive, which provides a range of different features in order to make driving more convenient, efficient, and safer, the company’s product lineup is all the better for it too.

Safety Features

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BMW are also known for the high bar they set in safety features. The BMW 5-Series, available here, comes equipped with six airbags and received an overall perfect score from Euro NCAP and is regarded as the best in its class range. This includes a 100% ranking in the Safety Assist which is no surprise when you consider that stability control is standard, and further safety options such as a head-ups display, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control are also available. Those who often drive at night can also upgrade to a night-vision package. This includes headlamps that can automatically identify any pedestrians walking by with a separate beam of light.

Pricing Options

Pricing is often an initial stumbling block for those looking to buy into this market. While BMW has a built a brand on providing high-quality vehicles at a premium price, they’ve still been able to do so while undercutting many of their rivals in the field. For instance, the BMW 7-Series, the company’s flagship range of full-size, four-door sedans starts at £58,275. In comparison, Mercedes-Benz’s equivalent S-Class starts at £66,910. From here, you have the option of keeping those savings or further upgrading or personalizing the vehicle to match your requirements.

All of this amounts to a loyal fanbase that few other car manufacturers can claim to match. In fact, those who are able to make the switch often  become such a fan that they become BMW customers for life.

In addition BMW every so often release very special versions of their road going cars. This for example is the BMW M4 GTS. It makes the 4 series and M4 look insignificant so if your bank balance will allow, make sure you cash in for the performance now.