The rise of the mobile device seems unstoppable. Every day more and more people across the globe and using their mobile devices for a wider range of activities. 

Everything from paying your bills to enjoying some play at online casinos on your phone means that people are becoming increasingly mobile. All trends are showing that the long-held dominance of fixed connections and desktop computers continues to diminish.  

Changing User Habits 

People are living more and more of their life online. You’re now more likely to use Messenger or WhatsApp to send a message than to give someone a call to share the latest gossip. 

Arranging when and where to meet with friends is now so simple thanks to mobile messaging and on-device map apps. You can create an event, invite everyone and send directions in seconds. You’ll still have to fight to get that one friend who can’t commit to anything to show up though!   

The explosion of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has meant that people now want to share more of their lives in real-time than ever before. More advanced mobile devices mean that within a couple of taps you can update all your followers on where you are and what you’re up to.  

Changes In Users Work/Life Balance 

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. With people, the world over wanting to do more with every spare moment they have, mobile devices have jumped in to help achieve this.

It’s now possible to perform pretty much any task on a mobile device which just a few years ago was the preserve of a desktop computer with an internet connection. 

Tasks, like checking work emails, banking or messaging with colleagues, are all easy to perform on a smartphone or tablet at any time and in any location. 

This has lead to a rapid increase in remote working and a blurring between the traditional working hours and personal time. Some countries are even introducing legislation to ensure that respond to email on your morning commute will count as part of your working hours. 

Massive Advances In Device Tech 

These changes in behaviour have been powered by some massive leaps in the capabilities of technology across recent years. The size of batteries has decreased whilst at the same time their power has continued to increase. This means that devices have the juice to perform more complex tasks without the need for constant charging. 

Strides in every component of smart devices mean that you can now have an incredibly high definition screen which displays amazing detail on even the smallest of devices. It is now possible to display graphics as crisp and clean as some of the best TV screens around right now. 

The processing power has also been improving at an amazing rate whilst the size of the components needed has been shrinking. Including chips like the Snapdragon processors mean that mobile devices can perform multiple tasks without showing any signs of lag whatsoever. 

Never Out Of Range 

Another massive development behind the scenes is the vast improvement in mobile coverage and network speeds. People can stay connected even beyond major cities and towns as network providers work fast to improve the speeds which they can provide. 

Many countries have already upgraded to 5G networks, allowing users to enjoy speeds on the go which are comparable to high speed fixed connections. This is making it possible to enjoy content from streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube wherever you are without the need to download shows first. 

The future, it seems, is truly mobile.