There are plenty of reasons that you may need some printed media. For instance, thinking back to university you may remember designing posters and presenting them. But, even in the business world knowing how to make media displays stand out is important. It is a particularly useful method of marketing your company that can be used at trade shows or business conferences. Here are some tips to ensure that your display stands out.


First, you should, of course, make sure your poster or board is not just one big chunk of text. It is important to have a lot of variety with your displays so that it catches the eye of investors or traders that may be walking past. We also suggest that you use fonts that are clear and easy to read but a little unique. You should not necessarily jump to using either Times New Roman Arial or Verdana. However, when in doubt these are the fonts that are easiest to read. You may also want to consider increasing your spacing between lines, slightly.




The more vivid and colourful your display the better, as this will make it stand out more. Remember that you are trying to catch the attention of onlookers and people are naturally attracted to colourful and attractive displays. It is easy to be lazy and simply do the least amount of work possible, but you should always try to go the extra mile.


The same is true for graphics. We are sure you have some statistics that you would like to get across so think about the right graph for the right statistic. For instance, if you are showing the percent of customers across the world, a pie chart or bar graph might be useful. If you are showing how your profit has increased over the first quarter, you will want to design a histogram or line graph.

Hard Hitting Titles

While the presentation is important, you may also want to think about getting people to read the information in the first place. Artistic displays will get you half way there, but you should also take some time to think about headings that will catch the reader’s attention. You need to get them interested as soon as they see your display.

Expert Help

If you are struggling to make a beautiful display, or you are simply not very artistic, you could consider hiring a company. If you visit you will find plenty of different ideas and example images of displays. It may peak your interest.

Shapes And Styles


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Do not necessarily choose the style of display that everyone else would usually go for. Try something different. For instance the obvious choice for a media display would be to stick to a wall or board, but you could hang it from the ceiling like a sign. Being original will get you a lot more attention.

Get Your Message Across

Of course, the most important tip about printed media is making sure that you get your message across. This means you have to think about writing to the point and only going into detail if you need to. Make your display clear and bold, and we are sure you will get the interest that you are looking for.