Studies reveal that Marissa Mayer did Yahoo’s VPN pretty famous by utilizing it for checking the corporate nature of the employees. While getting lost in between the present VPN conversation is the harsh forgotten fact that the VPNs are more than simply pipelines that are used for connecting the far-off employees to the central servers that are used for working. This is indeed a shameful fact as VPNs can be used as some of the most vital tools for safeguarding the online confidentiality and you have to be an office idler in order to reap their benefits.


As the name suggests, a VPN is a virtual rendition of a physical network, which is a string of computers that are shared together to split some resources or any other files. However, VPNs also help to attach to the outer world through the internet and they also allow you to serve to secure the general traffic. Choosing a reliable VPN can be an overwhelming task given the number of choices available. Anonymweb has done rigourous testing and recommends IPVanish, Hide My Ass Pro and Private Internet Access as their top 3 VPN choices.

VPN – Why may you require it?

You will at least have 4 good reasons to use VPN. What are they? If you’re not aware, have a look.

Firstly, you can utilize it to safely connect to a remote network through the internet. Most companies have their VPN accounts so that they can let their employees access applications, files, printers and all the other resources that are there in the office network without requiring to compromise of the safety.

Secondly, VPNs are useful for sharing more than one networks in a secured manner. This is the biggest reason that most small and big businesses depend on VPN so that they can share servers and all the other resources in the network amongst stores across the globe. Even if you don’t have a string of offices, you can still try out the similar secret to connect different home networks for personal usage.

Thirdly, if you’re worried about online isolation, associating with an secret VPN while you’re on an untrusted network like Wi-Fi hotspot or a coffee store is nothing but a security practice. The VPN will encrypt your web traffic and will also protect you if someone is trying to deceive your browsing history so as to capture passwords.

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Finally, the most valid reason to utilize a VPN is to bypass some of the regional restrictions, which are better called geo blocking on some websites. Political dissidents and journalists use VPNs in order to get the censorship that is sponsored by the state but it is also possible to use a virtual private network for other recreational purposes. Since your routes of internet traffic are through the VPN, it will look like you have some good visitors.

Thus, we see that VPN or Virtual Private Network technology allows a computer using a public internet connection to join a private network. Now that it is the generation of cloud computing, you should also think of installing VPN within your organization for reaping the above mentioned benefits. Setting up VPN involves certain steps and if you’re not aware of them, you can get help of some software professional who can help you out. To know more on cloud computing, you may visit