A trade show or traveling sales opportunity may have arisen, and you want to make the most out of this high-profile situation. Temporary sales locations are a large part of the marketplace today, especially with social media advertising pop-up vendors with amazing speed and success. If you want to set up a safe and secure sales site, however, there are a few steps that must be taken before you open up the proverbial doors.

Evaluate the Space

Before you move any tables or inventory into a space, analyze the surrounding area. You might be in the middle of a convention center or backed up against a wall at an arena. If there are no natural barriers in your designated sales area, you’ll need to create at least one as a backdrop. A heavy-duty cabinet or portable display wall may be necessary to create that barrier, which protects part of your sales area from any unwanted attention by thieves.

Strategically Arrange Displays

With at least one barrier that defines the space, you can start to move into the temporary area. Use tables, displays and other furniture to form a functional work space. This furniture could be in a “U” or “L” shape so that every sales item can be displayed and protected simultaneously. Place high-value items behind the sales counter but in plain view. If a customer wants to look at the item, you can supervise the situation as it arises.

Add in Cameras

Today’s technology is incredibly small and affordable for most professionals. A smart way to secure any temporary sales area is by adding a security camera. These tools can be used in either an outdoor or indoor area, depending on the housing style. There’s no need to buy the camera either because rentals are a viable choice in nearly any city. Point the cameras at various angles to the sales area so that you can capture every visitor in action.

Invest in a Locked Area

Temporary sales areas, especially at trade shows, will often be used for several days at a time. When the workday is over, invest in a lock box or cabinet that’s designed for heavy-duty protection. This furniture can be incredibly large, depending on the inventory at hand. Purchase or rent secure furniture so that every inventory item is safe overnight. In the morning, you can quickly pull the items out for those lucrative sales during the day.

Be Observant During Work Hours

You may have multiple cameras and a clever furniture arrangement, but those facts can’t take the place of basic observation. As you work the sales counter, be aware of people within a few feet of the area. Shifty eyes, bulky jackets and other factors should be taken into consideration as you verify if the person has ill intentions. Being safe and secure means using your gut instinct too, which can be a valuable tool when many people are hovering around your counter and enjoying your inventory.

If you’re working a trade show, collaborate with colleagues who’re close to your working space. They may have suggestions about a safe, selling area from past experiences. Share ideas and have an open mind because the smallest details can make the difference between a secure or vulnerable sales table.