Over time, manual testing companies have failed to keep up with evolving trends, growing smart bugs, and new viruses. However, the need to safeguard their online presence and data is still intact for companies. This is where different service automation testing companies come to combat new and existing threats.

Automation testing refers to software testing in which test scripts are executed and performed by software applications. With automation testing companies, businesses and companies can use new technology and smart processes to learn and put up strong security walls. 

Best Automation Testing Companies Around The Globe

It is a software testing company focusing on resolving quality problems. QAlified also offers quality assurance by reducing risks, increasing efficiency, and strengthening organizations. This automated testing company is suitable for all company sizes. QAlified focuses on:

  • Application testing
  • Test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Workshops and consulting. 

It has experienced, flexible, and certified QA testers. It has completed around 600 projects with over 100 clients worldwide in the banking, financial, public sector, healthcare, and IT sectors. The service cost comes in hourly packages. For more details, contact QAlified. 

  • QA Mentor

It is an ISO-certified quality automation testing company, based in New York. QA Mentor receives CMMI appreciation and multiple awards for its excellent services. As a crowdsourcing platform, it offers remarkable product propositions to over 12,000 crowdsourced testers. 

QA Mentor provides economic services, QA education, e-learning, corporate training. It is suitable for start-ups, product companies, and digital agencies. Some of its core services are:

  • Automated testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Crowdsourcing testing
  • Website testing
  • Manual testing
  • API and blockchain testing
  • Performance and user acceptance testing
  • Machine and AI testing
  • QA audit and transformation

Its prominent clients are Morgan Stanley, Citi, HSBC, Aetna, and BOSCH. The cost packages start at 19 dollars per hour with ROI calculation for every project. 

  • QA Wolf

QA Wolf is a unique automated testing company that is user-driven and offers end-to-end testing. It is the world’s first data-driven testing company to translate test cases and prioritize them based on frequency and impact of business. 

The test codes get written in Javascript through their open-source platform built above Microsoft’s Playwright. It offers automated end-to-end testing for Salesforce and web apps. Besides, the cost is fixed with no hourly billing process.

  • Testlio

As the name suggests, this automated testing company serves as a service model. Besides automation testing, this software testing company offers QA services for real-life moments that matter. It has clients that range from Etsy, Microsoft, NBA, CBS Interactive, and CW. 

Its essential QA services are:

  • Mobile testing
  • Localization testing
  • Automation testing
  • Functional testing

  • Indium

It is a leading QA company in propriety test automation framework. Indium provides a wide range of services for operating systems and platforms. It helps clients’ overall testing efforts by decreasing velocity and time to market – resulting in significant ROI. 

Its end-to-end software testing is suitable for large-scale enterprises and SMEs. Some of its services are:

  • Test automation
  • Functional testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Security and performance testing
  • System and integration testing

Summing Up!

Test automation is highly suggested these days. However, many companies fail to implement it due to its initial configuration cost. Regardless, these service QA testing companies are capable of changing the world of cybersecurity. It’s time every company embraces QA testing and its services for their benefit.