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How Can Videos Help You Rank Higher On Google? 

When talking about Google and ranking higher on search we can’t ignore the Google algorithm updates. Before the updates, everything was easy and very simple for everyone to understand. Because Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine in the world, we’ll talk…


Essential HTML Tags to Choose in SEO 

I love to rank websites without spending tons of money. It’s a part of me that is frugal and another part that enjoys challenge. That’s why I love technical and content optimisation. To become the Head of Technical SEO at a fast growing agency requires…


The 5 Most Important SEO Tips For Startups 

The landscape of the internet has changed drastically through the years. Long gone are the Wild West days of the Internet when startups could become raging successes with nothing more than a little tweak here and there to their search engine optimization (SEO) and no…


Important SEO Trends To Use In 2019 

For businesses to stay on top of their game, it’s important for them to adapt to current trends and use them in their marketing strategy. It’s for this reason that most businesses are focusing more of their time in getting the exposure they need through…