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What You Need To Know About SEO 

The perception about SEO among many entrepreneurs is that this is a monster that requires some special magic, but the truth remains that SEO is more about your adherence to the best practices that help your website to appear authoritative in the eyes of Google…


The Dark Art Of SEO 

After a very interesting meeting this week with 2 business owners, we have identified their main frustration with their current SEO agencies. There was little transparency in regards to the work being conducted with their budget— which begs the question— what exactly are they paying…


On-Site Seo 101: 10-Point Checklist 

What your website is missing in terms of on-site search engine optimization could be hurting your search results. Make sure your regular SEO audits focus on these on-site features so you maximize the results you’re getting. 1. Title Tags What they are: Title tags are…