The demand for digital services and online solutions has increased significantly in Jordan during 2020, which increased the competition to improve visibility through SEO in Jordan, to match the growth of the digital culture in the country.

Why is SEO Important for Websites in Jordan?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Jordan is critical for driving traffic to any website and increasing conversions. Without SEO, the online presence of business will be eclipsed by its competitors and it will be nearly impossible to digitally standout.

Around 70% of web traffic in Jordan is driven through major search engines, making search engines like Google a primary source to generate traffic, in spite of using other channels like social media.

Is SEO Really Making an Effect on Jordan’s Online Markets?

SEO in Jordan is not new to online businesses, however, it has become more sought after recently as a complement, and sometimes as an alternative to pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and traditional marketing, due to its low cost and great return on investment (ROI).

Given the increasing number of Jordan-based online services, it became essential for websites to be search engine optimized, not only to rank high within the search results pages, but to enhance brand visibility, increase product sales and provide better accessibility for potential customers.

Chain Reaction, a leading SEO agency that has chosen Amman to be its center of operation, believes that: “Search Engine Optimization is an effective marketing channel in Jordan as most businesses and individuals search for products and services online through Google Search. SEO Services can assist your B2C and B2B businesses to increase their online organic visibility, and drive traffic to their websites, thus converting this traffic into leads and conversions!”

According to Digital Portal, there are 6.78 million internet users in Jordan in January 2020, compared to 5.70 million social media users in Jordan in the same period, which indicates that businesses that focus on SEO have the potential to reach more than 1 million additional users compared to businesses completely depending on social media exposure.

The Digitalization of the Jordanian Consumer Behaviour

During 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic outback, the Jordanian consumer has been resorting to more digital services, including education, shopping, banking, entertainment and many other services and products that depend on internet exposure that in return require proper digital marketing that makes an impact on consumer behaviour, which can be successfully achieved by utilizing SEO and localization techniques.

SEO Essentials That You Need to Implement to Standout in the Jordanian Market

There are many SEO techniques and strategies that can be implemented to enhance your online presence, improve your website ranking, and place your website higher within the search engines result pages.

Technical SEO optimization:

Through regular website auditing, UX enhancement, keyword research and many other techniques, you can enhance the indexing, interpretation and crawling of your website and make it more search engine-friendly.

On-Page SEO optimization:

Improving and creating content that complies with the best SEO practices and making it relevant to the audience will improve audience targeting and increase the ranking of your website within related search result pages.

Off-Page SEO optimization (Link Building or Backlinks)

Backlinks and content marketing techniques, such as guest posting, press releases, and newsletters can result in the higher ranking of your website, in addition to increasing its credibility, not to mention the back traffic generated from off-page.

In conclusion, SEO techniques and strategies are much needed now more than ever to better reach the right audience and enhance the performance of online businesses in Jordan.