In today’s times, the conventional methods of marketing are taking a backseat and marketing techniques targeting the ever-changing demands and habits of users are evolving rapidly. Imagine a marketing strategy designed in a way that it tracks user’s behaviour with his email or messages. It checks the frequency of checking his emails, the time when he checks his email and selects the best channel for each recipient on basis of these factors. This is exactly what you can expect from SendPulse. SendPulse is a hyper personalized Artificial Intelligence powered integrated platform for electronic messaging. It enables communication through Email, SMS, SMTP, Web push etc.

SendPulse collects data about email addresses and through predictive analysis determines the channel and time which is most suited for customer to send messages to recipients. On an average 30% open rate increase is seen by the customers using SendPulse. To have a better understanding of this product, let us have a look at the features it offers:

Increase in Open rate

The Artificial Intelligence system in SendPulse gathers data of billions of email addresses and their behaviour. Activities like the time of opening emails, the preferred channel of communication, content, time zones etc. are tracked. Using predictive analysis, the AI system determines the best time and channel of communication with a subscriber. Using this, the average open rate has seen an increase of about 30%.

Re-sending unopened mails

SendPulse has a unique feature of ‘Send emails to unreads’. If the customer’s email goes unread by the subscriber, then using this feature the customer can change the subject line and the send time of the email and it will appear like a new email in subscriber’s inbox. This has proven to increase the open rate by 30-80%.

Multiple communication channels

Through a single platform using SendPulse, customers can send emails, push notifications, SMS messages etc. Customers can also create a hybrid channel with a complex campaign allowing customers to send a series of messages, emails and web pushes. Customers can also use multiple features of email to increase the effectiveness of email marketing like email list segmentation, creation of subscription forms and integration with third party systems.

Mobile Support

A major share of recipients view emails and messages from their mobile devices and therefore mobilefriendly emails are a necessity. Emails created with the help of SendPulse are suitable with platforms like mobile devices and tablets. Customers can manage their mails and messages from smartphones and add new subscribing list, schedule emails, create new templates and view reports.

Bulk deliveries and high speed

There are no limits on the numbers to emails and messages which can be sent using SendPulse. An average of 200-500 messages per second can be sent to subscribers. SendPulse servers also meet the requirements of email providers which ensures that the messages are delivered without fail to the intended recipients. Customers can further personalize their emails and messages by adding the name and information of the subscriber.

Reasonable prices

SendPulse comes with competitive and reasonable prices for email, SMS messages and Web Push services. For Email services depending on the amount of messages sent, four types of plans are available. The Free Plan is not chargeable if the customer has less than 2500 and message count of 15,000 emails per month. The Monthly Subscription
and Pay as you Go start with $26 and $32 depending on the number of subscribers and messages. There is also a VIP Plan for customers with over 1 million subscribers. SMTP services are also available with a Monthly Subscription and Pay as you Go plans which starts with $8.85 and $15 depending on the number of messages. The Web Push Services are free for any number of messages and subscribers.