Prior to the global pandemic and way before COVID-19 became a thing, many of us had plans to change our phones. Many of us were looking forward to the release of new models of some popular brands of phones. Like many other people out there, I was looking to sell my mobile phone then getting something newer and better. But things have long changed since the start of his pandemic and may stay that way for quite some time. 

Talking about the realities of this pandemic, the easiest one to notice is it’s adverse effects on the global economy even as the absolute end of the pandemic remains blurry. 

What You Need to Know

First of all,  buying a new phone at this time may not be an option for everyone. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the only option available to you. If the cost of buying a new phone is way above your budget at the moment, you could consider trading it in. There are a good number of platforms where people just like you and I can easily swap used phones for new ones. But don’t be deceived. It is hardly as easy as it sounds.  

First of all, the process is so long and bureaucratic that you might give up before finding a good deal. But what is even worse is the fact that there are a good number of fraudulent platforms out there which could frustrate your efforts even more. Again, old mobile phones are severely underpriced. But then, the offers for damaged phones are even worse as they get you wondering if abandoning the phone isn’t a better option. So it is not  the best of options even with the multiplicity of swapping platforms.

Considering these factors, you may have perhaps considered tossing your mobile device into a locker and giving up totally. Just wait! Before you lose hope, there may still be a good chance to get a good phone deal. Keep reading. 

You can sell your mobile phones, as well as recycle old mobile phones which are no longer in vogue, and at a great price. Also, you can sell broken phones that are faulty as there is still a market for those. 

The Steps You Need to Take 

As we have already noted, there are several reasons for which you might be considering trading in your old mobile phone or your damaged phone. Maybe you want to buy a simpler one hence keeping extra cash in your pocket as the new, simpler one you buy will be cheaper than the old one you are selling.

Here are 4 important factors to take into consideration as you sell your phone in this pandemic:

Most People Are Currently Broke

It’s that simple. The last 6 months has seen most of the world stay indoors and spend their savings. And to be honest, buying a phone; whether new or old, is not exactly the priority for most people at the moment. Can you still sell your phone at a decent price? Yes! But don’t keep your hopes too high and very importantly, you may not get plenty offers, no thanks to COVID-19. 

Newer Models Will Sell Faster

You’ll likely have better luck selling an iPhone X than an iPhone 8. It makes sense that people who cannot afford or do not want the most recent iPhone would naturally not want to be too far behind. This is applicable to Samsung and every other brand of phone out there. Not only will it take you much longer to sell a much older version of a phone, you will likely sell it for far less. 

The Condition of the Phone Matters

You will sell faster and for a better price if your phone was neatly used. You may have the most recent version of a given phone model and get near no offers if it doesn’t look great. It gets worse if some parts of the phone are not functioning properly. For best experience, it is recommended that you fix any damages in your phone before trying to sell it as that will help you get the best deal possible. 

Choose the Right Platform 

The first step when it comes to selling your phone will be to put word out within your circle. Next will be to find a great website on which you can sell your phone. There are many such websites out there including the good old eBay. But then, read reviews about them online before proceeding to list your phone for sale. You may alternatively walk into a regular brick and mortar phone shop to sell your phone.


Selling your old phone during this pandemic is actually a great opportunity to either get a new mobile device or make some money.  It all depends on how well you market the phone and who you target. Generally, you should look out for desperate buyers and even as you make your old phone as attractive as possible.