Band merchandise, it’s something every fan will fall in love with. While it may be another source of income for musicians, merchandise profits are just secondary once you realize everything else it can do for your band’s growth.

Band merchandise has taken on a whole new purpose and meaning. Between apparel, accessories, drinkware and everything else merch can offer, your brand will not go unnoticed. Sure, cash is cash, but merchandising is about sharing your music with the world, growing awareness and giving your fans something to represent you with. Because we’re living in the world of millennials, there are voices, thoughts and opinions that want to be heard. There is no such thing as keeping your thoughts to yourself anymore. People want to share. That being said, it’s important to give your fans something to share with. That something is to sell band merchandise with a print on demand shop service.

What is Print on Demand?

When most people think of merchandising, “hassle-free” isn’t exactly the first thought that comes to mind. That could never be more false. Technology is on your side and Print on demand makes merchandising simple and stress-free. Print on demand (POD) basically means that merchandise is made to order. Everything is produced as orders are received. This means you’ll never have to worry about buying and printing merch in bulk while hoping everything sells, so you’re not at a loss.

Getting Started with Print on Demand

Spreadshop is a free eCommerce shop solution that enables musicians and bands to create their own online merchandise shop in a matter of minutes.With over 100 customizable products available within the Spreadshop platform, there will be something for every single one of your fans! Simply upload your designs and promote your merch shop on your website and social media. Whenever a sale is made in your shop, just collect the commission and Spreadshop will produce, fulfill and ship to your customers at no cost to you! Spreadshop’s platform is built around the needs of musicians and entrepreneurs, so merchandising is made as easy and hassle-free as possible for its users.

While there are a variety of POD services available, Spreadshop is specifically geared towards growing bands and brands. They offer all the tools and resources needed to succeed in the merchandising industry. With that being said, they take the cake when it comes to POD eCommerce solutions!

What are the Benefits?

  • Your Experience:

From a user experience standpoint, Spreadshop make it quick and easy to set up your online merchandise shop. With just a couple of clicks, your band’s designs will be ready for purchase! The best part is that you’ll profit from your very first sale. There is no campaigning and no minimums, so the commission you make from each sale is yours to keep.

  • Customer Experience:

While your experience as a shop owner will be a breeze, it won’t be any different for your customers either. Spreadshop’s products are the quality that you want your fans to receive, and the printing results are clean, crisp and clear. The shopping experience is easy and Spreadshop ships internationally, so your brand merch can be represented all over the world!

Make the Money you Deserve:

Now the fun part, making that dough! Spreadshop offers the highest commission opportunities in the industry, so when those sales come in, you’ll be pleased with your payout. Plus, with the more your sell, the more you make with Spreadshop’s volume commission! Monthly promotions are offered as well, so your fans have a little incentive to purchase from your merch shop. Everybody likes to save, right?

So, whether your band is still practicing in the garage or you’ve made it to the big time, selling band merchandise is vital. Give your fans what they want and get your name out there! You won’t regret it!