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My Voucher Codes Internet Safety Infographic

Keeping You Safe Online 

We have never had so much information at our fingertips, however we have also never had our personal information more exposed. Whether you’re shopping online, sharing pictures and photos with friends or family or doing day to day business online, it has never been more…


Ransomware in 2016: How to Stay Safe 

Have you ever had a message appear on your computer screen that accuses you of doing something illegal and urging you to send money to someone (perhaps the government) in order to continue using your computer? If so, you’ve already been a victim of ransomware…


Security Concerns For Your Website 

As a website is a portal for your affairs whether they are personal or business-related, it cannot be overstated how important issues of security are. And as we increasingly move towards a web-based economy, sites as far-ranging as online retailers to ones that offer casino…