As a website is a portal for your affairs whether they are personal or business-related, it cannot be overstated how important issues of security are. And as we increasingly move towards a web-based economy, sites as far-ranging as online retailers to ones that offer casino games are having to be evermore careful in implementing the latest security measures.

Recent issues

In 2015 there have been a plethora of high-publicity cases that have illustrated how weak the security is around many websites that contain a large amount of sensitive personal data. One of the biggest security stories of the year related to the online dating site Ashley Madison whose users found that their personal details had been hacked which dramatically exposed their secretive affairs and financial information.

Even relatively benign companies such as VTech found they had been the victims of hacking earlier this month. The kids’ game and device manufacturer revealed that millions of accounts relating to children and parents had been breached by hackers who accessed names, addresses, pictures and even chat logs.

Protective measures

So what can you do to aid your online security? The biggest point of weakness for most sites is often the password stage. That’s why it’s always a good idea to change your passwords on a regular basis, and ensure that they are not too obvious, and have a good mix of numerals and lower and upper-case letters.

The Guardian has also stated how the rise of cloud-based software has meant that many businesses have become more susceptible to cases of online hacking.

Getting personal

It’s not just businesses that have suffered at the hands of hackers as many female celebrities recently found that their personal photographs had been accessed, and even been used in attempts of blackmail that just goes to show how online security measures have an element of roulette in how successful they are.

However, despite all of the negative press stories that have surrounding these security concerns, there have been notable moments where hacking has been a force for good. This was seen when the hacking collective Anonymous recently declared digital war on the self-proclaimed Islamic State after the terrorists attacks in Paris.

All of which just goes to show that whether it’s a site catering in casino games, an online dating site, or even your personal photographs, your online security is of critical importance in the digital age.