Online casinos and the iGaming industry in general have been creating more revenue each year and attracting wider audiences. This means we’ll be seeing a lot more online casinos and iGaming websites popping up in the next few years.

There are many criteria to consider when choosing the online casino you’ll be playing at. However, the most important criterion is, without a doubt, the licensing of a casino.

Assuring your online casino of choice passes all the regulations and laws needed to operate can save you a big headache in the long run. That’s because doing the opposite can cost you a lot of money. Although sometimes there are ways to get your money back, it’s not a guarantee.

That’s why Swedish websites like make sure to only offer casinos that have the proper licensing, ensuring a safe and regulated experience for its gamblers. With a focus on player protection and adherence to strict regulations, these websites feature online casinos that hold valid licenses from recognized government authorities. Unfortunately, most of the talk about online casinos is generalized and doesn’t include specifics according to certain continents. That’s why in this article we’ll take a look at how security and licensing are handled in European online casinos. 

Licensing at European Online Casinos

Licensing at European online casinos depends on the country. Although most European countries are part of the European Union, there is no specific legislation regarding online gambling. This means each country has the freedom to organize the way their laws handle casino licensing and general gambling laws.

However, these laws must comply with the TFEU or the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. This is particularly important if online casinos wish to operate in different countries.

Because every country is autonomous in the way they deal with online casinos and gambling laws, every country has a licensing and regulatory body in the government. In the United Kingdom, the UK Gambling Commission handles all matters related to gambling, both online and offline. In Malta, the Malta Gaming Authority does the same. 

These regulatory and licensing bodies have the task of ensuring each online casino that operates in the country complies with the rules and treats each player fairly. They also make sure the casinos have proper security systems set in place to protect players from data leaks and other possible mishaps.

There are some general rules for obtaining these licenses. Most gambling commissions will ask for a business plan, financial structure information, and some experience in the financial sector. This ensures the stability of the online casino business. Of course, the applicant also requires a good reputation in most cases. 

It’s also important to note that there are different types of licenses, and they vary by country. Although the gist is the game, it’s important to look into each country’s legislation and see the types of licenses they offer.

Security Measures at European Online Casinos

Security measures are an important aspect of owning an online casino, and this is no different in Europe.

Online casinos handle a lot of sensitive information. This includes players’ personal data and payment information. These establishments have a duty to protect their users’ data and prevent any data leaks. 

Security measures also help the casino protect both itself and the player from fraud. This means identity theft, payment fraud, bonus abuse, and cheating in casino games are next to impossible in well-established online casinos.

Online casino businesses use a variety of security measures in this mission. A few examples include SSL encryption, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls.

Fairness in European Online Casinos

As previously mentioned, online casinos have a duty to provide a fair experience for each player on their website or app. The most famous and best answer for this effort is the introduction of RNG.

Random Number Generators are the key actor in ensuring fairness in online casinos. It’s almost impossible for RNG to be tampered with and most RNG goes through extensive evaluation to ensure it’s at its proper functionality. This is done by a third-party testing agency that conducts reviews and statistical analyses of the game code.

However, this is an area where player feedback becomes important. If they notice suspicious activity or game-breaking bugs, players should and most likely will report the incident using customer support or a similar service. On the other hand, the casino may also choose to conduct surveys on player experience with games which may include a review of the games’ fairness.

How to Choose a Secure and Licensed European Online Casino

There are many things to look out for when choosing the right European online casino. As previously mentioned, the most important aspect is making sure the casino respects all the regulations of the country it operates and has a good security system.

Still, the question of how to look out for a secure and licensed European online casino remains. One tip is to read reviews. Both critic and peer reviews can provide invaluable information when it comes to finding out more about the casino you’re interested in. Along with licensing, they may also talk about certain security measures they may have encountered in the casino. All of this can help solidify your opinion of the casino.

It’s also a good idea to keep up-to-date on the licenses and regulations online casinos require to operate. Checking for these licenses on the casino’s website will usually give you the information you need. With this, you can also decide whether the casino is right for you.


Licensing and regulatory bodies in European countries have a great responsibility to protect online casino players. This includes making sure each casino operates properly according to legislation and provides a safe and fair gaming experience to each and every player.

As a player, it’s important to prioritize security, safety, and proper licensing when choosing an online casino. This also extends to reporting any issues or concerns regarding an online casino’s licensing and operation to the casino operator and relevant regulatory body. This helps the player as well as other players stay safe on the website and lets them play for longer.