Having a job that requires you to travel around the world for various meetings and appointments, can be demanding, expensive and take their toll throughout the years.

If you take regular business trips to the same locations time and time again, there are a whole host of things you can change in order to make your trip both cheaper and easier – and most importantly, stress free.

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Buy Local Sim Cards and Contact your Bank

If you head to the same few countries every couple of months, investing in a local sim card can make a huge difference to your monthly phone bill. Whilst you can ask your operator to have international roaming available whilst you’re away, the cost can quickly rack up. Instead unlock your smart phone to be used abroad and carry local sim cards where you will be able to purchase much cheaper airtime and mobile internet, than when using your UK phone.

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Before you travel don’t forget to let your bank know when you will arrive so they don’t block you from losing your cards before you have even left the airport at the other end. If you have a layover, or multiple destinations on your trip, don’t forget to the let the bank know – there is nothing worse than shouting your card details down a public payphone in the middle of a crowded airport – just so you can grab a coffee.

Airport Security “Friendly” Clothing

Since 9/11 airport security around the world has become increased. Whether you’re head on an internal flight or headed over to Europe or the USA, it is likely you will need to remove any hats, coats, gloves and scarves and shoes before getting on the plane – make life easier by opting for light weight, slip on/slip off clothing. Pack something smarter in your carry on and change on the plane, if you need to look smart as soon as you land.


Travel Light

Travel as lightly as possible – even consider investing in a deposit box in the countries you frequent most often. They can be used to store local chargers, toiletries and basic changes of clothes. This means you don’t fill up your limited luggage allowance with unnecessary weight.

Invest in a Small Laptop

A large laptop can be extremely heavy, however tablets often have a different format, too small a screen and are fiddly to use. Invest in a mini laptop – with full keyboard and USB ports for a portable mouse – they are much lighter to carry, smaller to stash and can still be used as a fully functioning business computer.

Use Air BnB and Make Relationships with Hosts

You can cut a lot of costs by using an Air BnB. Most rentals are cheaper than hotels and many offer a kitchen area meaning you don’t have to pay to eat out three times a day. Some will have their own laundry facilities, a much bigger space to enjoy and more privacy than a hotel. If you often return to the same cities, or know you will be in a specific city every 3rd weekend for the next six months, many Air BnB hosts will allow you to book all the date you require in the coming year.