Sometimes, due to technical glitches or while formatting the devices users tend to lose photos and files, which were not meant to be deleted. But once they lose it they find it difficult to recover those deleted photos. So what is the remedy to it? The EaseUS data recovery wizard is one of the best data recovery software. It helps to recover deleted photos and files from USB drive, hard drive, memory card, mobile phone or some other external hard disk. Usually files get deleted due to formatting, hard drive damage, deleting, virus attacking, software crash or various other technical reasons. Following a few basic steps one can easily recover deleted photos and files.



STEP 1 – Download and then launch the software. To start the recovery of deleted files, the user has to select an option called “graphics”. After that click “next”.

STEP 2 – Click the scan option after selecting the drive where you saved your file so that the program can scan the device and find the lost files.

STEP 3 – Preview and then click “Recover” to easily get the deleted files back. One thing should be kept in mind is that the user should save the file in some other device to avoid the problem of over writing.

If the storage device isn’t externally damaged, then the user does not have to worry if he has lost some important photos or files. But one thing has to be kept in mind. The user should not transfer any new files to the hard drive unless and until they have recovered the deleted files from it. The EaseUS data recovery wizard is a much recommended software for people who have faced trouble while recovering deleted photos. The EaseUS data recovery wizard is available in windows as well as Mac version. You should only rely on choosing the right backup software for your business


It recovers not only photos but emails, audio, videos and documents as well. The results after scanning the device can be saved and recovered later as well. It does not have to be scanned again. Some things that can be kept in mind while using this software is that the search results can be refined by mentioning the file type and name if possible. Mentioning the file name or type helps the user to save time. One should preview and check the details of the files before selecting the option to recover the deleted files. This helps the user to get the idea whether the entire file has been recovered or not.

No prior experience is usually required to use this software as it is very user friendly. The three simple steps given above can be followed and the user can easily get the deleted photos and various other documents. It is 100% safe software and poses no threat to the user’s device. One can easily find the upgrade option on the main home screen. If the user finds any problems while upgrading or using the software they can contact the customer care support and get the required assistance very easily. It’s easy to use and download. So you know what to use the next time a file is deleted!