In the recent past the number of cybercrimes has been on a rise. Small businesses have increasingly become a target a fact that can be attributed to the assumption that most small businesses lack the security monitoring and management capabilities that is commonly exhibited by the larger companies. In as much as the argument might hold some truth, it is not often the case. The main problem with small business owners is that they normally use consumer grade security programs which in most cases are not the robust to guarantee the much needed protection. They also lack adequate IT resources to handle business class solutions.


Bitdefender Antivirus however is aimed at bridging the gap with Small Office Security. As a cloud-based suite, the antivirus is designed to reduce the IT maintenance expenses as it is easy to use. The security suite is a perfect match for the armatures as it allows them to manage and secure the office computers with much ease.

The antivirus comes equipped with the B-HAVE technology and one of the industry’s best scanning engines. With Bitdefender B-HAVE technology, an individual can easily locate zero –day threats which in most cases are not yet even identified by the virus definitions.


Bitdefender also features antispam which effectively eliminates spam messages using antispam filters. To efficiently do this, the antispam filters usually locate the spam message and attempts to compare it with other previous identified spam.



  • The Web interface is easy to use – this makes it convenient for users even those with no IT expertise. You’ll not even see the need to consult an IT specialist to help you run the program. You can easily do it yourself. The non technical users can easily administer security via the Control Center console.
  • Simple yet a very powerful console – Bitdefender can be used in small companies boasting of having up to 250 users. It allows you to gain sometime while at the same time boosting security using its ability to remotely deploy, monitor and control all your firm’s computers. Bitdefender is so powerful that it can even accommodate the needs of large enterprise.
  • Flexible – Bitdefender Small Office Security gives the user the flexibility required when choosing between hosted and on-premise management. If you allow Bitdefender to host and maintain the components of the solution, it will go along way in helping your business reduce costs. The on-premise version allows you to host and manage components in your own servers. The unique deployment model offers immediate solutions that can be used.
  • Guarantees great protection for malware – by doing so, it gives you a peace of mind even as you attempt to focus on your business. The antimalware software uses a number of technologies which have so far consistently ranked first in through the many independent tests ranging from AV-Test to Virus Bulletin.
  • Excellent documentation


  • Not touchscreen friendly
  • Lack of mobile component


Why Bitdefender Small Office Security?

There are many reasons besides its No.1 rank as the best antimalware technologies guard that can be given as to why small business owners should use Bitdefender Small Office Security. The antimalware stands tall above the rest in many ways. It guarantees utmost protection, offers superior performance and above all provides the users with a rather simple console that matches a user’s needs. Below is list of some of the features that make Bitdefender standout.

  • Onsite and remote users are provided with centralized real-time control and monitoring
  • The technology has always taken the first spot for protection and performance
  • The basic offer comes with features such as the ability to restrict access to certain pages or applications, web filtering and safety rankings.
  • The new Endpoint Security Relay feature is perfectly suited for companies that are characterised with having low bandwidth. With the Endpoint Relay, there is no need to connect all your computers to the internet, the feature can be used to automatically distribute any updates internally.
  • A centralized quarantine
  • Using Windows Network Discovery and uninstall of competitive solutions, Bitdefender Small Office Security has the ability to remotely deploy to entire network.
  • Another brand new feature with this version is its state of the art web console that comes with highly configurable roles and privileges.