With a global pandemic that almost brought the entire world to its knees made businesses think outside the box.  Employers were never spared either. They had to work remotely to curb the spread of COVID-19. It has now dawned on us that we must coexist with the invisible enemy. We have adjusted with the ‘new normal’ as the vaccine is being rolled out globally. However, the threat lingers as most countries are experiencing the third wave with a different viral strain.

Perhaps these uncertainties have pushed the surge of online businesses to unprecedented levels. The new entrants are gaining access to the market share of existing players has escalated competition. Businesses are devising ways and means of dominating the search engines. But, only the best with exceptional digital strategies will have an edge over their competition.

Therefore, thriving on digital platforms means more traffic that translates to more conversion. This will be a well-accomplished business goal. 

Follow this guide on how to come up with the best digital strategies that will make your content gain traction the moment it’s published;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

This a digital marketing strategy that intends to put you above your competitors in the search engines. This means every time a searcher types in a certain keyword in the search engine your website will be the first to pop up. Your site will be the post-preferred destination in the eyes of the search engine. Isn’t this beautiful?

When your site ranks on the 1st page of Google then your content aligns well with the searcher intent. If you miss the 1st page of Google then make sure your website ranks among the top 10 pages. Below that, I can’t assure you of meaningful traffic that will convert. Remember, your website is an interface that pull people to your site. Then why pulls people if they can’t convert?

Once people come to your site guide them through your content. Have a call to action (CTAs) to direct them to the next course of action. That how to solve for your audience.

Keyword Researching

This is part of an SEO strategy where you gain foresight on how your audience is searching for information online. You will discover specific search terms they are using when making search queries. Through this, you will establish their needs, problems, and even what excites them. Therefore, keyword research is the engine that runs an SEO strategy for your content.

Be very careful when doing keyword research. Any omission or commission is going to cost you’re an arm and a leg. Use keyword tools like SEMrush to uncover the keywords that are resonating well with your audience. Failure to do this will create content that no one will bother to search. Don’t fall into this trap.


A business that blogs report impressive ROI than their counterparts that don’t blog. This implies that businesses are embracing content marketing to engage with their audiences. Blogging provides a two-way mode of communication between a business and a customer. By doing so, the business will get back real-time feedback from its customer.

Blogging is a powerful tool a business can use to collect intelligence from its customers. Thereafter, the business can use that information to;

  1. Improve on its products and services
  2. User experience
  3. Improve on customer service

According to Hubspot 70% of marketers are actively using content marketing as a digital marketing strategy. This can only be achieved if a business has a blog. How do you expect to beat your competitors when you aren’t blogging for your business? In online, business every digital strategy counts. Don’t take it lightly.

Link Building

Investing in link building is very healthy for your site. In this case, invest in inbound links or backlinks. These are links from another website pointing to your site. Mostly these links are achieved through guest posting or guest blogging. 

Guest blogging is a backbone for SEO. This is the best way of earning backlinks. The more backlinks you earn the better for your site. These links will not only boost your visibility but also grow your web traffic. Guest blogging opens up an opportunity for you to interact and bond with a new audience.  If you grab their attention, they will be part of your audience.

Ultimately, when pitching for guest posting opportunities target websites with high domain authority. They have solid and dedicated audiences

Competitive Researching

Keeping an eye on your competitors is no longer a requirement but a necessity. This will give you an edge to differentiate and transform your offers. Through this, your offers will be irresistible to your audience. 

Competitive analysis will give you insights into how the competition looks like. This is more of a benchmark tool than a marketing tool. Delve into their strategies, implement their successful strategies and abandon those that aren’t working. Investigate why those strategies aren’t working? Those could be opportunity strategies. If they made a mistake, correct it and implement the strategy.

In so doing, you will have handicapped your competitors in their own game. Remember, your competitors are also doing similar things as you. They want to be at the top of the pyramid. Never relent in your efforts, because they are watching your moves too.

Engage your audience with content. Listen to them keenly because if you fail to do so, your competitors will do so and you will be fired. Take their feedback very seriously and solve for them continuously. These are very simple things but they mean a lot to your audience

Final Thoughts

For your business to thrive and flourish online you must be armed with swift digital strategies. Embrace every digital strategy that gives you insights on how to scale up your business to the next level. Optimize your website and content and be visibility enough by the search engines. Use every resource at your disposal to sustain your online business at the top.