The ever-growing concern about climate change and environmental conservation has accelerated the demand for sustainable initiatives and conscious consumerism. With sustainable development becoming a buzzword for B2C and B2B events, event organizers are looking for ways to organize events that result in reduced carbon footprints. Green events are the need of the hour, and Restart 2021 shows how to make these events environment-friendly.

The fact that face-to-face interaction holds a lot of value can never be ignored, but things have to change with changing times. The same holds for virtual events. Restart 2021 is being organized at a gigantic level with zero interaction between participants and speakers. The organizers have planned everything in great detail so that event takes place smoothly and seamlessly with complete participant engagement. And this isn’t easy, but Hubilo is making it happen, as they have with their previous virtual events. 

Hubilo, an online hybrid events platformplanned Restart 2021 and focused on every aspect of the event to make it a success. This event is sure to set high benchmarks for the events industry. Like physical events, virtual events are also planned to engage attendees, promote the event, create memorable moments, and ensure that the event makes an impact. 

Restart 2021 is also organized around a complex, live agenda, including sessions, keynotes, breakouts, and more. This multi-session event involves a variety of community engagement tools. Hubilo brings a swift and robust platform that is poised to help event organizers set up virtual events in minutes. Event organizers can plan their event in a way that builds and strengthens their brand. It helps deliver impactful experiences to the attendees who can attend the event from their home or office’s comfort. Planning virtual events also reduces pressure on the environment, and Restart 2021 is showing the way.

Planning virtual events help in saving a lot of time and effort that goes into this activity. Moreover, a variety of budget-friendly events can be planned in no time. It reduces the stress of travel and avoids disrupting the attendee’s personal life. Planning and organizing virtual events also help in reducing the carbon footprint. There is no venue energy, hotel energy, ground transportation, and air travel to waste and worry about.

About Restart 2021

Restart 2021 is a huge and prestigious event being organized on a massive scale. The event focuses on exploring experiential digital events and their value to a brand’s marketing mix. More than 4000 professionals are expected to attend this event. It is going to be a 2-day event with four episodes and 12 sessions. A keynote speaker from the industry is addressing each session. The heads, CEOs, and top-notch marketing professionals will address the event and share their insights with the participants.

So much learning and knowledge to share and imbibe without burdening the environment in any way. Virtual events are going to stay and grow, becoming the norm. You can register for the event here