Lately, security directors have been experiencing a lot of challenges in their jobs. Criminals are increasingly devising new ways to vandalize and damage valuable business assets. This is forcing business owners to explore new means of ensuring that their property stays safe. For improved safety, directors must collaborate with different business departments, law enforcement agencies, and security technology companies to avoid the potential financial ruin that crime can cause a business.

The Internet of Things and Security Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the revolu technological systems that are transforming security applications. IoT is a system of interrelated physical devices that enable collection and transfer of data without human intervention. It can be integrated with other security technologies such as Remote Guarding to enhance crime prevention and improve video monitoring.

The integration of IoT and Remote Guarding technology is quickly gaining popularity in preventing crimes, monitoring areas of risks and protecting critical assets. Security directors can utilize this approach to provide custom security solutions.

What Exactly is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding (RG) is a proactive and intelligent security system that combines different techniques such as video analytics and CCTV cameras to achieve improved security. Surveillance cameras spot a potential threat, which is then analyzed using a software algorithm. If the threat is imminent, live human security officers (that are located in a remote location) are alerted to take appropriate action and prevent the crime from happening. The action can include warning the intruder through a two-way radio or reporting the matter to the nearest law enforcement officer.

This technology is regarded as the next generation of physical security that significantly reduces false alarms and improves safety. Also, the technology generates daily security reports and video footages that help investigations and prevention of crime.

Reducing Liability, Risk, and Management of Crimes

One of the significant benefits of remote guarding is the reduction of liabilities and concerns associated with security guards. Integrating RG in the security system reduces the dependence of security personnel in safeguarding properties. In most cases, security officers get injured or killed while doing their jobs. Instead of physical security guards, highly trained staff monitor property in a remote location. This helps to reduce damages and associated lawsuits significantly.

On the other hand, the technology also helps to provide peace of mind to the employees on-site. The employees are likely to feel more secure due to the fact someone is watching them remotely. This increases satisfaction and ultimately employee retention.

Economical Solutions and High Performing Security

Due to the cost effectiveness and flexibility, remote guarding is becoming arguably most attractive security option to many businesses. Also, the rapid advancement in technology is necessitating innovation of affordable and more powerful cameras that enhance onsite protection. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with other security systems is an added advantage.

Unlike the night security officer, remote guarding technologies can detect perpetrators anywhere on the property even in dimly lit areas. Also, since information is relayed to the remote officer instantly, action can be taken immediately. RG technologies can even differentiate between false and real alarm and manages them without bothering the onsite officers or law enforcement.

Hiring a Remote Guarding Company

First, you should research the different companies that provide remote guard services before choosing the right one for your needs. It is advisable to involve both the security director and property manager when selecting the appropriate company. Consult with the provider about liability issues and other elements that will be involved with the engagement. You should indicate any vulnerable areas on your property and past incidents of vandalism or theft.

In conclusion, integrating remote guarding in your systems will help to improve security coverage and prevent crimes. It is also a great way of reducing liabilities and risks related to security.

This article is contributed by Galaxy Protection which was established with the principal aim of offering remote guarding security solutions. We have twenty-eight years of experience in providing custom and proactive protection to commercial businesses. Over the years, we have maintained a cordial working relationship with various security companies around the country for improved security.