So, you are at Salzburg to explore it. Are you looking for the best airport transfer? No nervousness at all. Here Salzburg Airpot transfer are to serve you all the leisure that you need for a calm and smooth ride to your destination.

It is in the center of the Salzburg basin on the Salzach. The city was founded in the year 696 as a bishopric and the historic center of the city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this city in 1756, which is why the city is also known as the “City of Mozart”. Salzburg is an important trade fair and congress location with many trade and service companies as well as an efficient tourism sector.

Where is Salzburg Airport?

Salzburg Airport is in Australia, just west of the city. The airport is easily accessible via the “Airport” exit of the A1 motorway (West motorway), and the A10 (Mourning motorway) is also nearby. Salzburg Airport is named after the Salzburg-born composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and consists of two terminals.

Hiring a Taxi for Airport Transfer

Feel like a VIP with this airport transfer!

Are you looking for a good airport transfer that will not only get you quickly and safely from the train station or from home to the plane, but also on time waiting for you? You have found exactly your chauffeurs who work reputably and yet cheaply and take you to any desired location.

Luxury and comfort at the airport transfer

If you want luxury and comfort, you are in the right place. We make sure that you feel comfortable on the journey and that you arrive at the desired time at the desired location. With your own vehicle or even with the rental car that is usually not possible in this way, because there are always seem to be delays. Parking is not free, car rental takes longer than usual, a jam has practically lurked on you. In a foreign city, this can be a huge problem, which makes you miss the plane. By contrast, with our airport transfer you are on the safe side and will be picked up from your home or hotel at the agreed time.

Bring You To Your Flight in Time And Relax Back Home

With us, the holiday starts at the door. We bring you to your airport on time – whether to Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck, Munich, Vienna or, on request, to any other airport – and drop you off at the right terminal.

For a booked group transfer we pick you up in your comfortable minibus (with a maximum of 7 other passengers) in front of your apartment door (if the StVO permits). We will do our best to ensure that you do not have to wait for more than 60 minutes from the time you report to the transfer service desk.

With the exclusive transfer you enjoy the luxury of having the vehicle all to yourself. Also, the return from the airport takes place directly after landing.

Arrive Relaxed

That’s what our customers appreciate…

We guarantee safety, reliability and service at the highest level – and at a fair price!

Our team at the Airports Taxi Transfers in Salzburg ensures that you can travel comfortably, safely and relaxed around the clock. Our head office is staffed 365 days a year and you can contact us by phone or email 24 hours a day.

At the airports of Munich, Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Graz, we have set up a separate counter in each terminal for your convenience.

We make every effort to ensure that you do not wait for more than 60 minutes from the time you report to the transfer desk. However, we ask for your understanding, if in individual cases a longer waiting time due to delayed arrival of other passengers is required (collective transport).

Fast, Safe And Comfortable!

  • No fuel costs.
  • No expensive parking fees.
  • No annoying search for a parking space.
  • Fly relaxed to your business appointment or on vacation!
  • With us you come back well, safe and relaxed home!


You can book your airport transfer from and to all airports quickly, easily and inexpensively via our  homepage  or our  hotline . When booking – online or by phone – you will immediately receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. The exact pick-up time will be announced at least one day before departure.

We will pick you up from home on time and bring you to the right terminal at the airport in good time.

You’re Advantages – You Are Exactly Right With Us!

Airport Transfer is your reliable partner for professional passenger transport.

+ Fast, safe & relaxed
to your destination + Transfer to and from your desired location
+ Your car stays at home – No parking fees or possible damage
+ Competent, customer-friendly team
+ 24-hour hotline, 365 days a year
+ Telephone communication the day before
+ On us is reliable – even with delays. We are waiting for you!
+ No waiting for individual transfers
+ Interactive driver training twice a year

The exact conditions of carriage can be found in our terms and conditions .

We Think About The Environment

In order to take account of the increasingly important aspect of environmental compatibility, we pay close attention to the minimization of pollutant emissions when purchasing new vehicles, which is why our vehicle fleet is powered by natural gas. In addition to the low CO2 emissions, natural gas cars hardly produce any particulate matter or nitrogen oxide emissions and are extremely quiet.

Stau And Risk Insurance

All our transfer prices already include congestion and risk insurance. If you fail to arrive at the airport in due time for reasons that we are to blame, and miss your flight, we will pay up to € 300.00 for a ticket transfer or up to € 500.00 for a ticket reissue.

EU Rights

They are full of anticipation at the airport, want to take off on vacation or back home. But then the start moves further and further back or the flight is canceled completely. That’s annoying. With EU-Rights you can assert your rights to air passenger rights safely and free of charge! EU-Rights has a dedicated air passenger rights team for affected passengers to help them with their flight delays, flight cancellations, missed connecting flights and overbooking at no cost. Legal can be very expensive and extensive. EU Rights Spend the effort and all the costs to handle your case as quickly and successfully as possible without the effort and investment of money.


Salzburg airport transfer is the most reliable and effective source of transportation with well-managed staff and resourceful management along with affordable fares. Great luck with the best transfer!

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