When it comes to home appliances, a vacuum cleaner is one such electronic appliance that is a must have in any home, irrespective of the size of the house. More than having a vacuum cleaner, having the right vacuum cleaner is of significance. The right vacuum cleaner can ensure that your house remains clean and dust free. 

Like all other appliances, the market offerings in this sector are also flooded with innumerable options. However, most people go for vacuum cleaners which not just do the job properly but are also lightweight and easy to maintain. In this regard, handheld vacuum cleaners are gaining a lot of traction. From eating up your pet’s hair to helping you clean your upholstery, these devices pack in a lot of punch in their small sizes. 

In this post, we shall provide you a detailed review of the Redkey P 6. It is a handheld vacuum cleaner which comes with a lot of power packed features which make it easy to vacuum your whole house and even your car. 

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Basic Parameters 

Let us take a look at the basic parameters first. This is a Vacuum cleaner with a 600w powerful suction stick vacuum with corded 23 ft. The 1700pa lightweight quiet vacuum cleaner is essentially a 4 in 1 product. With hepa that is perfect for hardwood floor carpet, pet hair, Redkey P 6 best gift for your family.

Product Name – Redkey P 6

Category – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Rated Frequency – 50Hz-60Hz

Rated Power – 600W

Net Weight – 2.35kg

Rated Voltage – 220-240V

Product Size – 1060*240*180mm

Noise – 78dB

Analysis of basic parameters – From the above specifications, it is clear that the Redkey P 6 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with fairly decent frequency, power and voltage. The product size is appropriate for a standard sized home. The noise level is also within normal range. The technical specifications are all fine and now it remains to be seen how the product differentiates itself from its competitors. 

Product List

The Redkey P 6 consists of the following:

  1. Host Machine
  2. Long Nozzle
  3. Electrified Floor Brush
  4. Long Flat Suction
  5. Round Brush

Distinguishing Features of Redkey P 6

Upon examination, the Redkey P 6 has the following distinguishing features:

  • 17kPa Surging Suction –

The reason why vacuum cleaners have successfully replaced manual cleaning methods in the developed world is that they magically suck all the waste that is both visible as well as invisible to the naked eye. However, over time, the suction capacity of various vacuum cleaners has not increased to the satisfaction of the customers. 

The Redkey P 6 solves this problem to a large extent. It has a very strong high speed motor which redefines the motive power system through a 17kPa vacuum. This ensures that any dust particles are picked up at a very high speed, saving time and effort.

  • Lightweight Main Machine

As stated earlier, people prefer handheld vacuum cleaners because of their compact size and weight. Convenience is directly proportional to the size of the device. Big, unwieldy devices only add to the mess instead of cleaning it. 

The makers of Redkey P 6 have tried to focus on only the essential components of the main device and have removed all unnecessary components that just add to the weight of the machine without contributing to its efficiency. The main machine weighs only 2.5kg and is thus easy to lift. This makes it perfect for cleaning the ceiling or air conditioner when you need to lift the vacuum cleaner. 

  • Three Stage Filtration –

No doubt the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is very important in order to determine its efficiency. However, the suction power will work correctly only if the filtration system of the appliance matches the suction power and works in cohesion with it. 

The Redkey P 6 has a three-stage filtration process that captures particles down to 0.3um. The three-stage process includes a cyclonic dust separation, stainless steel mesh, and a HEPA filter which ensures that there is clean outflowing air. 

  • Unobstructed Air Dust –

The unobstructed air dust feature of the Redkey P 6 handheld vacuum cleaner makes sure that it provides higher vacuum efficiency.

  • Full Tool Set –

Many a time, a handheld vacuum cleaner might have all the awesome technical specifications such as high-powered suction and correct filtration process but may be lacking in terms of the toolset that comes with the appliance. The extra accessories that come with a vacuum cleaner are equally important when it comes to cleaning certain specific areas of the house.

The Redkey P 6 comes with a triplet of tools. The first tool is the all-important roller brush which comes with a 240mm direct wide inlet. This is characterized by low resistance and is entangled free which makes it perfect for all surfaces including hardwood, carpets, and tiles.
The second tool is a crevice nozzle, which helps you clean all those dirty corners of the doors, windows, and staircases due to its slim size.
The third and the last tool consists of a 2-in-1 dusting brush which works well for cleaning furniture and other home appliances.
A combination of the crevice nozzle and the dusting brush can be used to clean sofas, cabinets, desktops and various large and small home appliances. 

  • Thin Flexible Roller Brush –

The Redkey P 6 packs a super-thin roller brush along with the main device which mentions special mention. This brush is super flexible and helps in ensuring that all the areas of your house get the cleaning that they deserve.

All in all, the Redkey P 6 is one home appliance that you definitely need to consider when you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner for the first time or upgrading your existing vacuum cleaner. Not only is it lightweight and easy to use, but it also comes with a compact wall-mount, which means that you can easily designate a spot in the drying area of your house and not get bothered by the device every day.  

The features that make the Redkey P 6 a must-have are its lightweight and compact design, easy dust disposal system, and 7m long cord that is essential to extend the device to clean a large area easily. There is hardly any household area or space that this device will not be able to help you clean with.