With the latest updates and upgrades that Windows rolled out in the last few years, you can now easily recover your lost data with the help of Windows’ system standard tool or using efficient third party software such as iBeesoft Data Recovery. 

Let us start with the most efficient and easy way that is through iBeesoft Data Recovery 3.6 software. This is a powerful and amazing software that you download for your Windows or Mac devices. This completely safe software allows you to recover your lost files from recycle bin, hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, RAW drives, and much more.

In order to recover your lost data with the help of this easy and efficient you just have to follow 3 simple steps. You start by selecting the lost file type, in the next step the software will scan your PC or device and in the final step, you can recover and preview all the lost files. 

Different scenarios in which you can recover your data. 

1. Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

In case you accidentally delete your important files without creating their backup, you can recover such files even after deleting them from the recycle bin with the help of iBeesoft Data Recovery easily.

Although, there is one another way through which you can recover your files through the system tool that you get with windows. For that, you have to open the recycle bin and press CTRL + F1 to expand the control ribbon in the recycle bin. Thereafter, you can restore the deleted files. 

However, this method is not successful when it comes to files that have been completely erased from your device. Making iBeesoft Data Recovery 3.6 the best option that is out there in the market when it comes to data recovery. 

2. Recovery From Formatted Drives

As you unexpectedly format the partitions of your hard drive or storage media, or any partition gets lost or hidden during the process, with the help of iBeesoft Data Recovery you can easily recover all that data along with files that are inaccessible or are unreadable as well.
This is also applicable for RAW drive recovery as well. 

3. Recover Data That You Accidentally Deleted

Not all of us are computer wizards, that is why we something lose our data due to wrong operations or as we perform factory reset settings without any prior backup of the file. In all such cases, with the help of iBeesoft Data Recovery, we can get our data back in just a few simple steps. 

Lastly, you also get the protection of data from virus attacks, system crashes, and several other reasons. iBeesoft Data Recovery got you covered in all these aspects.

Considering all this, here are the pros and cons that you get as you use iBeesoft Data Recovery. 

  • You get efficient software that is capable of handling and processing most file formats as you recover your data. 
  • The interface of this software is really easy to operate as well. 
  • With this powerful software, you can also recover data from peripheral devices such as USB flash drives, SD cards, or external hard disk drives. 
  • Lastly, you get to preview all the files that can be recovered so that you can save your time with the recovery process.
  • If you are not sure about the files that you are looking for, then it may take a lot of time in scanning. 
  • The deep scan mode is not that effective as you can only recover files whose data is not completely overwritten. 

User Guide

There are three simple steps that you need to follow in order to complete the data recovery process with the help of iBeesoft Data Recovery. 

1. Choose The File Type

You start the recovery process by choosing the types of files that you are trying to recover. You can choose the file type that you can see on your primary screen and once you are ready you start with the recovery process. 

Here you can also choose the option “All files type” if you are not sure about the type of file that you are trying to recover.

2. Scanning The Location

In this step, you choose the location i.e. a specific location that you want to scan. If you are connected to an external drive or USB you can also choose it in this step.

3. Preview And Recovery Of Files

In the final step, you get to look at the preview of the files that you are interested in recovering. Here you also get the option of performing a quick scan and a deep scan. As the names suggest with a quick scan you get a quick scan of the location that you chose, while in deep scan the software is going to scan every sector of your device, this is why the deep scan is a time-consuming step as well. 

Once you find the files that you were looking for, you can click on Recover Now to restore your files easily.


With iBeesoft Data Recovery 3.6 you get an amazing and versatile software that you can use to recover your lost data in just a few simple steps. The easy interface allows you to seamlessly operate the software without any problem.