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Reasons Why You Should Use GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology 

Reasons Why You Should Use GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology

Recently, managers of different companies, which have a fleet, have already understood the necessity of the control of their own fleet, reducing costs, streamlining its work. But the requirements of different customers to control the transport differ significantly! One mainly needs operational GPS monitoring in real time and needs to know where his car is at the moment. Another is worried about the safety of the cargo. A third wants to understand where the source of excessive fuel consumption, maybe the fuel is drained or the fuel cards are cashed.

But there is a solution of this situation. It is software where you can find the whole information about it.  Onboard GPS trackers/ beacons of different manufacturers can work in this system of GPS monitoring of transport. This will allow you to solve the problem of transport control in the best way: cheap equipment for petrol and gas engines, and more sophisticated and multifunctional on diesel trucks and machinery.

Principle of operation of GPS monitoring of transport

GPS trackers are carefully mounted on the car. Functions can be optionally expanded by installing temperature sensors, engine hours, fuel consumption, adding an accelerometer, indicator of the condition of the containers. The supervisor or responsible person will receive their own account login and password to log in where  all the information will be displayed online.

Advantages of the system:

This system has a lot of advantages either for managers or for drivers. To the common pluses we can add:

  • Affordable price.
  • Fast payback period.
  • Technical support (consultations, departure of the expert on the place).
  • The control of transport solves the above issues as follows:

Advantages for drivers:

  • Shows the history of the transport mileage.
  • GPS tracking in real-time.
  • Informs about the real fuel consumption, the place and time of refueling, the volume of filled fuel.
  • The effectiveness of the actions of the driver: the number of visited places, the observance of the route
  • In case of an accident or emergency situation, the driver can through the system to notify the manager about problem by pressing the alarm button.
  • Also the driver has lost the ability to call the dispatcher for directions.

For managers:

  • The manager’s duties are reduced to the verification of the evidence system on each unit of transport. Automated monitoring of traversed distance and fuel consumed.
  • Automatic monitoring system makes impossible fraud by collusion of manager with other employees in order to deceive the firm.
  • Every violation of the driver is clearly shown on the manager’s monitor.

This system greatly simplifies any manager’s job. It makes next functions automatic:

  • Making waybills and documentation with real data on mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Monitoring the location of vehicles on the map.
  • Creating waybills and managing them in real time.

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