Even if you consider yourself to be an excellent essay writer, you can’t go without doing your research before you write your essay. Research is such an important part of writing that it’s often the first thing people look at when they are trying to determine the quality of an essay and if it deserves credit or not. The following ten reasons will help you understand why research is so important in writing essays, so read on!

1) Better Understanding of Your Topic

Developing a thorough understanding of your topic, inside and out, will help you write a high-quality essay. The more you know about what you’re writing about, the easier it will be to develop an intelligent thesis and direction for your essay. Good research also helps keep you focused and on task while writing. Without solid research, it’s very easy to lose sight of what exactly you’re writing about as your essay goes along.

2) Avoid Common Mistakes

As essay writers, we’re often tempted to jump straight into writing the first draft. Unfortunately, our initial thoughts and ideas aren’t always as organized or comprehensive as they could be. Taking time to research and organize a rough outline first can save you from making common mistakes that can ultimately hurt your grade.

3) Enhance Your Vocabulary

Having a well-developed vocabulary is key to your success as an essay writer. Since you don’t want to come off as too showy, start small: add a few new words or phrases to each essay you write. Over time, your essays will become more articulate and compelling—and that winning combination could land you on top of your class!

4) Develop an Argument

The first thing you should do when writing your essay is to develop a solid, overarching argument. Developing an argument takes time, especially if you’re just starting out with essay writing, but it’s important to consider your main idea and how it will be developed throughout your piece. Once you have a solid argument and plan for your essay under your belt, you can start doing research.

5) Evaluate Sources

As an essay writer, you’ll be expected to reference and evaluate sources as part of your regular workflow. Using research from other trusted sources allows you to build upon that research by showing how it fits into your overall argument or discussion. Evaluating these sources also helps ensure that you aren’t introducing bias into your essay because these citations are sourced from people who have their own agendas—which may differ from yours.

6) Learn Different Methods and Approaches

The best writers on en.samedayessay.com have a few tried-and-true strategies to come up with excellent essays, but they are always willing to try new approaches. Experimenting with different methods and approaches will lead you to find what works best for you. You may even find one approach that lends itself particularly well to your subject matter. This can make writing easier, as you know how you’ll tackle it from start to finish.