The classical dress code died in 2013 according to the article by GQ Magazine. These days, the most popular and wanted companies like Google, Facebook, Apple do not have any dress code for their employers. Even Steve Jobs did not wear a suit and went in a casual style to all the keynotes of Apple. However, you might notice that every company started printing their own hoodies or t-shirts and it is for a good reason. I can certainly say that custom t-shirts are good investment for your money and future brand prospects.

Let me explain to you those reasons and try to convince you to do the same.

A Good Way to Market Your Company or Product

By printing your custom company’s t-shirt you can be sure that it will be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. If you make great, comfortable t-shirts with your logo, then it is a no-brainer that your employees will wear it regularly. Also, have you known that having your custom t-shirts for marketing is more cost effective than Google Adsense?

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Also, a well-planned design and good quality can make a lasting impression on the people who see it. Maybe if you try to plan and aim your design for some cause, it might even get viral like “Nasty Women” t-shirts. Imagine if your company’s t-shirt would get such an exposure to the public.

Custom made t-shirts are a good material for giveaways. Everyone should know how a giveaway can increase business prospects. I can bet that every day you see some type of giveaway in Facebook or Twitter that asks for like and sharing/retweeting the post. This kind of contests increase the traffic to your social media account significantly, and a person who wins the t-shirt might be really happy about it and help you with word-of-mouth marketing. If you are short of marketing ideas, you can check this article of marketing ideas for your brand.

Additional Revenue

Have you ever thought that you could earn some extra profit? If yes, then selling your companies t-shirt might be a good idea.

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For example, if you have some entertainment business why not sell your own merchandise to people who admire you. Maybe you want to create a new product and do not have funds for it. You can ask people for donations or pre-sale it and giveaway some exclusive t-shirt for them. It might motivate more people to donate to your company.

Supposing you are thinking of doing that, shopify t-shirt fulfillment can help you to print your custom t-shirts on demand for your customers as well as employees. By using it you will not lose any money or get out of stock because the printing companies will print and ship the t-shirt to you, your employees or your customers directly.

Building Positive Team Spirit

Everyone in the company benefits when there is a good team spirit and friendly atmosphere. And wearing the same design t-shirts might help to achieve that because people with the similar casual outfit they might feel more connected with the group.

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Also, if people meet a person in the streets who is wearing your company’s t-shirt they might feel proud of it, recognize the co-worker and say hello to him. Studies have shown that similar job attire might increase employee’s job satisfaction and self-confidence not to mention the stronger connection between the co-workers.

Representation of Your Company

In today’s world, it is really important for a company to have a positive public picture. Some people would say that the usual dress code which consists of wearing a suit can help a little bit, I would disagree with them.

A simple t-shirt to standardize your employees’ appearance might be a better choice. Not only it might be appealing to more people but it is more comfortable to wear and does not restrict movements. As a result, the productivity of employees might increase.

Also, sometimes for customers, it is harder to connect with an employee who is wearing a suit because he might look formally and angry. However, it is not the same reaction to the employee who is wearing a t-shirt because they look more casual, relaxed and friendly. So, the customer does not feel so nervous and afraid in front of him.


If these reasons are not enough proof for you to make your company’s custom t-shirts, then I do not know what enough is. Printing your own customs can help you to increase your brand awareness and market your company. You can increase your revenue by even creating your company’s own merchandise. Same t-shirts for your employees can make a friendlier atmosphere in your company, lift the team spirit and increase the all mighty productivity. Let’s not forget that the more representation and publicity about your company the better.