Foot traffic is something that you’ll always want to increase if you run a physical location. The term refers to the people who physically walk past your store as they’re heading to different locations. The goal is to get those persons to walk into your store and at least browse your inventory. These are five things you can do to get your foot traffic numbers up and possibly get some conversions going:

1. Offer Some Free Samples

Giving away free samples is one of the quickest ways to get people to take a left turn from wherever they were going to stop at your store. Not many people will turn down anything that’s free. Once someone stops in front of your store, you can give your best effort to engage the person in conversation and then talk about the other products and services that your company offers.

2. Do an Exciting Demonstration

Another thing you can do is conduct an amazing outdoor demonstration. The outdoor demonstration is a good idea if you sell electronic devices like cell phones or household appliances such as blenders. You can garner a great deal of attention by doing something amazing with the items online. Prospective customers will gather around to see what you can do with the item that you’re trying to sell. Take this opportunity to pass out fliers or business cards that make use of good marketing and graphic design.

3. Write the Specials on a Board

A foam board is an inexpensive tool that you can use to draw attention to whatever sales you’re having. All you need to do is find a company to print foam boards with your logo and any other information you want on it. Leave a space blank so you can write down the special of the day so that people who pass by the property can see what you have to offer whether it’s a BOGO or a clearance sales or something else. People will flock to your store if you have specials going on, and they will want to get a taste of one of your specials.

4. Create a Welcoming Store Front

Another thing you can do to get more people to stop at your location is create a welcoming storefront. A welcoming storefront is one that encourages your potential customers to relax and hang out at your establishment. You could use something like a rocking chair, a gorgeous water fountain, and swing or something else unique that no one else in the area has. People will flock to it, and then you can market your products and services.

5. Play Some Fantastic Music

Music is another way that you can get the attention of some people who are walking by your establishment. Get a loud boombox and play something that the people don’t hear every day like some tunes from a different era. Someone will stop in out of curiosity.

Those are just a few ideas for you. If any of them sound good to you, give them a try. You may find that they work to bring business into your establishment. You can then build on those strategies and come up with new ones that will keep customers coming for years. Have fun and make some sales.