If you’ve grown up playing video games, you may think that a career creating and developing video games might be an ideal vocation for you. You probably realize that such a career takes a lot of technical know-how, which you’ll likely have to accrue via your education and learning on your own. Once you have amassed this expertise and understand how video games go from the planning stages to actually come to virtual life, you might think that you have everything that it takes to take up this exciting and potentially lucrative career.

But you need to realize that the best video game developers aren’t just people who can regurgitate the instructions that they’ve learned in their schooling. If that were all it took, robots could probably be devised to fill these positions and there wouldn’t be a need for humans to do it. There are certain intangible qualities that you should be in possession of to help in this career path. And if you don’t have them, you should be either trying to develop them or be prepared to look for something else to do with your life.

If you’re looking for great games that are available right now to play for free, you need to know the right resources to help you find them. If, on the other hand, you want to be the one developing the games that are everyone else’s fingertips, here are some of the qualities you’re going to need to possess.

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Creative Tendencies

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s really more than just about being able to create something completely from your imagination. In the case of video games, it’s a matter of synthesizing the history of the coolest games, understanding what separated them from the pack, and then using all of that information to find an original idea or at least put a spin on a common one that no one has ever devised before.

Artistic Nature

You might be able to come up with ideas that sound cool. But do you have the ability to make them look cool? If you have the impressive artistic ability, you might not even need to be the idea person. You might be able to be the person who takes an idea of an original video game and then visualizes it before translating it onto the screen. Video games are like an artistic medium, where you take the possibilities and limitations and use them to create something visually striking without interfering with the gameplay.

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Thick Skin

When you are involved in any creative endeavor, and video game developing is certainly one, you have to understand that there will be times when your ideas are rejected or criticized. You need to be able to compartmentalize this feedback, respond to it positively, and come out of it with ideas that are better-realized and more amenable to everyone involved. And, in some cases, you need to know when to stand your ground and defend your ideas.

These are some of the intangible qualities that the best video game developers carry inside of them. If you know you have them, you might be qualified as well.