Organizations of today are efficiently meeting the broad range of BI use cases through a single platform, i.e. Qlik. Qlik Sense is a Software-as-a-Service-based visual analytics cloud enterprise solution with a micro-service platform designed for the cloud. It is patented through QIX Associative Indexing Engine and offers improved capabilities for business users to load, transform, and enrich data without the need for complex scripting.It is now being available to small-medium businesses and corporate teams for efficiently creating and sharing the analytics in the cloud. Qlik Sense cloud business delivers the scalability and performance of visual analytics practices in a complete environment.

Many Business groups are distributed to customers worldwide. Training in QlikView with consistent experience leads to efficient processing of business among different users. Qlik’s market is further expanding by creating a user-defined, self-service and extensible BI platform. It is considered as a centerpiece of analytics strategy by companies of all sizes.Among them, Qlik Sense Cloud is constantly rising up for wider use and is acquiring powerful data-connection and enrichment abilities.

Qlik Sense offers SaaS based visual analytics solution for SMBs and workgroups

As Qlik Sense Cloud Business is a web-based experience, users can get started with Mindmajix technical skills instantly using data and applications for analysis. Qlik Sense Cloud Business will support secure sharing of analyses with internal and external groups. Customers can now benefit from Qlik Sense with low costs, monthly subscriptions, but with fully based web experience. This provides a lower cost to entry than conventional on-premises solutions.

Users will benefit from

  • New visual search capabilities that allow them to search across charts and data.
  • Visual exploration abilities enable users to explore and discover insights by using governed metrics and dimensions – without any necessity to edit and modify data visualizations.
  • Newest functionality enhancesthe business user app creation, along with time aware charts, automatic detection, and refined app of data-driven color palettes.
  • The design enables analysis through any device irrespective of size, touch, drill, and interactive features.

Data-Driven Insights

Qlik Sense Cloud Business is extending the power of data-driven insights to users and groups throughout an organization of any size. Its features include:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Cutting edge visualization
  • Intuitive responsive design
  • One-click sharing – makes it easy to share apps and insights.
  • Visual data prep

Users of any technical skills can instantly get started with the Qlik Sense as they are easily available and accessible. Compared to its competitors, Qlik Sense is very much user-friendly.

Governance features

These features help in deploying and managing a series of analytical apps. Qlik Sense Cloud business incorporate:

  • A group work area that is collaborative and flexible in creating, editing and accessing group content and apps.
  • Group data space that avails constant and reusable definition for creating and maintaining new apps to the evolving business needs.
  • Group Shared network to handle multiple networks and streams with the flexibility to support evolving needs in future.


Qlik Sense business model follows an industry-leading best security practices, with all upgrades managed by Qlik. It is a here-to-stay component over a wider ecosystem.Presently, more than 1 lakh users are effectively visualizing data using Qlik Sense Cloud. With the help of this cloud-based model, enterprises can add new users and apps as per the requirement, with the flexibility to support current as well as future needs.

Sirisha Paladhi possesses love and passion towards writing, which brought her into this field. Presently, she is working as a Content Writer at Mindmajix. During her career, she has written many articles on technology innovations. In her pass time, she relishes in making handy-crafts.