Cyber-attacks aren’t something solely related to the science fiction genre of literature anymore. The attacks on businesses large and small are no joke and if you’ve got something of value, you’re a sure target.


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So what is ‘something of value’ to these people? The hackers and criminals who commit these attacks? Well, it could be anything in the digital possession of your business.

It’s easy to assume that financial records are the main goal, and whilst they can prove fruitful, many businesses have the sense to protect the details about their cashflow and income. The same can’t be said about raw data.

Businesses need to collate data. Lead generation gives companies the data needed to make contacts and create interest in their products. The data held by companies offers criminals options and avenues. It’s like leaving a ladder outside your home, they will use it to break in. If you give cyber-criminals options, they will use them against you.

Data is so valuable as it has a high sale point. Spam companies will pay good money for names and addresses so in many cases, this is the main target. It’s time to start protecting yourself and your customers by safeguarding your data.

If you’ve got no reason to hold the data, destroy and eradicate the information securely. Don’t throw it away with the garbage. If you need to hold the data, encrypt it and upload it to a secure server until you need it. When you’re done, destroy it.

Make sure valid anti-virus and anti-malware equipment is installed and maintained on your systems. This is your first safeguard that will destroy and quarantine viruses as they come to your door.


Downtime is a huge issue as well. If a hacker takes your network down, you’re in trouble. There are a number of solutions that offer security with minimal downtime. This is incredibly important as your network needs to get back to its feet after a breach so you can recover and react to the crime.

Ransomware is something to look out for. It’s all in the name. If you are the victim of a ransomware attack, do not pay ‘the ransom.’ Report it and seek options to eradicate the virus. Do not become a victim and do not for any reason pay the crooks behind it.

Ensure that all your employees are knowledgeable and educated about cyber-crime, ensure that passwords are regularly changed and please make sure that any suspicious activity is reported immediately.

Finally, keep yourself updated, check your systems and get them cleaned out of old files every once in a while. If you fail to educate yourself about developments in cyber-crime, then you’re leaving yourself open. Protect your business or hire someone to do so for you. Falling victim to cyber-crime is no joke at all, and there are more victims of a crime than just your business. Get educated, hire the right people and don’t be easy prey to the many people waiting to target you.